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Did you show the bite? ***S is for Spoilers***

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I personally am glad they made it a choice because I HATE it when a character hides something like that for no good reason. If movies have taught me anything, this only ends with tragedy. This way, people can choose not only the why but the reasoning why.

I chose to show because other than hating that trope of hiding a fatal wound, I couldn't think of a good reason to lie. My Lee had been totally honest in just about everything, so I figured he should be honest here. It may panic some people for a little, but it could be a lot worse for them to learn later. Plus, it is a good way to genuinely earn sympathy for finding Clem (though Kenny is at first in shocked denial only to then try and say how I've not been there for him).

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  • Showed it - I needed mah group to trust me :D

  • in this scenario, its best not to show it
    if you decide to go alone (which i did), theres no reason to make them worry about me if im just leaving
    if you decide to take them with you, having a bite will just make people uncomfortable and doubt your abilities, the objective is finding Clem, once thats complete, i would show them, but until then, its best we just focus on finding Clem

  • Showed it. I think it's better to be honest.

  • I hid it. I wanted to go to save Clem alone and have no one behind me, but no one listened.

  • Since I had not even remotely considered the possibility of Lee getting bitten (and living), I was completely frozen with that decision. So my brain froze as the timer was running out and I didn't have enough time to analyze either decision, so I just intuitively picked the option to show the bite. After seeing the group's reaction, it convinced me I had picked the right option for me.

  • Showed it, because I'm gonna be dead anyways, so I've gotta make it official. And I wanted everyone to help me find Clementine(Yes, in the belltower, I pulled Ben up.), but when I almost had everyone at my side, Kenny refused! Even though I've sided with him in every episode(until now.)

    Well, when you think about it, I didn't do ANYthing in the meat locker in Episode 2, and that made Kenny said Lee was worthless, and does beating him up in Episode 3 count?

  • Being bitten does not mean anything right away but your dead, I should have hid it and went alone but knowing that anyone was coming with me, I'd show it to them.

    They deserve to know.

  • I showed it, I don't like people keeping secrets from me, I just did what i tought it was right. Besides, it could bring our group a bad surprise if they didn't know... Anyway, I'm glad Omid and Christa decided to go with me... I didn't even have to ask them to do so, I earned their trust and now they are willing to risk their lives for me.. Christa was smiling, she and Omid really like me, I don't regret any choices I've made so far. Kenny hesitated a little bit, but he still wanted to go with me... Ben said he wanted to make things right for once, and help me find Clementine... I could have cried of happiness a little, if it weren't or the bite-Shock, everyone was willing to risk their only way out to safety just for me :)

  • showed the bite, my group needed to know.

  • Showed it. The group has the right to know that Lee now only has a limited amount of time left before he'll be too far gone to save anyone. And that they should be keeping their guards up around him in case he turns suddenly and attacks one of them.

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