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Episode 4 Review and Predictions

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I recall people guessing what the Episode 4 achievements meant before playing the episode. The predictions were way different from what the achievements meant, so my Episode 5 predictions will be humble.

Chapter 1 - Georgia's First City
Omid’s leg, while an issue, seemed to be a smaller issue in the episode. The survivors did search for medicine for him, but many other issues seemed more important.

The unnamed man’s warning to the survivors after the bell rang makes me wonder why he wants Clementine so badly. “I have your parents right here” but I bet Clementine never spoke to them on the radio. I wish Lee would tell her that, so she would be less gullible.

Chuck is a poetic, shovel-smacking, walker-killing machine. He is killed, but I have not seen anyone fight walkers as well in melee combat up to this point.

Ben demonstrated his uselessness again when he abandoned Clementine. He could have saved her: pick her up and run. That is simple, but instead he panics and runs. Chuck, the character I have known for less time than Ben, saves Clementine. Telltale rewards this useful character by having him killed while the useless character lives longer.

The electronic doggy-door was an obstacle I didn’t foresee. Nor did I think Clementine would rush in there. I was worried the dead dog might lunge out of the grave while Lee was excavating the grave. Christa’s vomiting in response to the dog’s head falling off its body is one hint among others that she is pregnant.

The falling broomstick scaring Lee was a good way to keep the tension strong. Around Every Corner . . . a Walker, Ninja-Girl, or Broomstick.

The emaciated walker in the attic was creepy and sad. Was the kid’s outstretched hand a sign he sought to eat Lee and Kenny or desperate gesture toward his empty water bottle. I didn’t know, but I have a zero-tolerance policy for walkers, so I killed him. I had Kenny kill Duck in the previous episode because I did not want Kenny to ever blame me for killing his kid. After his emotional breakdown over Duck’s death, asking Kenny to kill another child might be too much stress for him to manage. I need a teammate, not an emotional basket case.

While burying the child (I don’t know what happens if you leave the kid in the attic), someone outside the fence watches you and flees. Was it the child’s father, the unnamed guy on the radio, a Crawford survivor, someone else?

Chapter 2 - Down By The River
I have thought about Kenny’s boat plan some more since my last episode review. There are two survivor issues: food and safety. The boat provides safety, not food. One out of two is a good start. The motor inn is finished. The train attracted a walker horde which likely reappears in episode 5 based on little facts later in this episode.

The boats by the river are useless, so I am without a plan. After looking through the quarter-operated telescope, Molly appears, but I expected her to uppercut me from the Episode 4 trailer, so I beat her to the ground. The former history professor beat down a ninja-like girl with a strong resemblance to the Assassins Creed franchise.

I like how Clementine just appears. Ben and Christa, is babysitting too difficult? Their negligence was a blessing in disguise for without Clementine Molly would not have saved Kenny and Lee when the walkers appeared.

Once in the sewers, Chuck is confirmed as dead.

Chapter 3 - Support Group
I suspect I was not the only player who Vernon shot in the head. In Episode 2, if the player was hostile to the mother of the St. Johns when she held Katjaa hostage, she shot you, so I assumed that hostility was not the right choice. I assumed removing the gun from Vernon’s hand was unambiguously hostile. I was wrong and died for that.

A little honesty and Vernon volunteered to help me. I redid this part for fun and you can threaten, threaten, and threaten which is a different side of Lee.

Chapter 4 - Bedside Manor
Back at the house and Clementine is missing again. This should be a hint that she would go missing at the end of the episode. How many times can a little girl wander off before something bad happens?

Kenny has given up hope, so he’s drinking. I don’t blame him. Even if I could find a good reason to blame him, I need a teammate, not an emotional basket case who I am trying to guilt-trip. Clementine climbs through the backyard shed’s vent and find’s a 30-foot boat. Kenny’s sees the boat, smiles, and drops his beer onto the ground.

This boat, the ticket to anywhere, only needs a battery and gas. The city has been picked over, except for Crawford which the group agrees we need to infiltrate.

Ben says it could be risky. Compared to what, Ben? Sitting in a supply-free house waiting for a rescue? He is worse than useless. He gives bad advice.

Before continuing, I think Crawford was overly vilified by various characters. This is not a defense of executing children, the disabled, or the elderly and putting their corpses on spikes. That was unjustified. A better alternative would have been to expel the weaker survivors. Think of Episode 2. Lilly was wondering why new survivors were brought to the motel. She noted that Ben was not carrying any groceries. She said Mark was only let into the group because he brought food. Compassion is easy when one has resources. Think of the four pieces of food for the ten people that Lee distributed. Imagine that situation in Crawford. Sacrifices must be made, so who will be sacrificed: a few weaker survivors or everyone? I don’t mean sacrifice as in put people on spikes, but as in hard choices. A small group of survivors was hard to feed and Lee’s group was near a drug store and downtown Macon. Try feeding a large group of survivors.

Moving on, I expected the Crawford mission to be like Splinter Cell: avoided searchlights and armed guards.

This made deciding whether to take Clementine a tough call. She showed in Episode 2 and this one that she can crawl through vents and small spaces. She is smaller, so she is harder to see. However, Crawford’s anti-child policy made this risky. I could leave at the house all alone with an ailing Omid. I thought I would regret either decision, but I took her with me. She was protected by the group whereas she would have to protect herself at the house.

Chapter 5 - Georgia's Last City
After penetrating Crawford, the second Vernon said he wondered where the guards were, I knew the place was overrun. The one nearby guy in a jacket was slouch-walking and had grey skin, so I knew he was a walker. Everyone runs inside and eventually we find the control center which includes an armory. We split up to find different things. Clementine stays with Ben while he tries to open the armory (he doesn’t). Again, he’s useless.

Your partner Molly goes Assassins Creed by running off while scaling the walls. She hurls a doctor-turned-walker onto the ground from a rooftop and repeatedly attacks it while angrily insulting it. She knew the guy somehow, but she wouldn’t tell me. We get the car battery and escape through the roof. We both perform Olympic like jumps and survive.

Molly runs off again to exact vengeance on walkers. Kenny and Brie rush through the glass doors where the group first entered the building. Lee locks the doors with a hatchet placed in its handles. Guess which worse-than-useless teammate will remove that lifesaving lock?

Skipping ahead, Vernon tells Lee to go to the alley to get a tape recording off the dead doctor. The recording has a three-letter combination that grants access to a bloody locker that belonged to the doctor. The locked up tape shows Molly’s sex-for-medicine relationship with the doctor.

Chapter 6 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
A bell rings, Ben runs around a corner wielding a hatchet. Where did he get the hatchet? From the doors that Lee used it to lock. The walkers burst through the doors and Molly kills one after another until she a walker grabs her weapon and she struggles to get it back. Clementine kills the walker and Molly survived. If you play without Clementine, saving Molly is hard because of all the movement.

Everyone retreats to the classroom while Brie stands by the door (a foolish idea that will be punished in a few minutes). Kenny opens the armory door by slamming into it and kicking it down. Ben couldn’t open the door the whole time with various tools. Again, he’s useless. Now he shows how he is worse than useless. Guilt-ridden, he confesses to Kenny about his treachery that led to Katjaa’s death. Of all the possible times, he has to cause more drama. Kenny lunges at him, but now is not the time for a fight. This reminds me of the argument on the side of the road at night. Unsafe to be here, but let’s have drama right now!

I voted to kick Ben out of the group. I sought to get rid of him since the end of the last episode and his continuing uselessness has only reinforced that decision. I didn’t let Clementine participate in the discussion. She doesn’t understand everything that has happened, a reason why Lee has to repeatedly explain things to her. If Clementine agreed with me, she likely wouldn’t have said anything. Instead, she was going to disagree with me (replay it to see that she will) and then we could argue. This is not a time for a long-winded debate. This was a let’s-finish-this-conversation-and-leave.

Brie asks if she can vote, but she can’t because she is dinner for walkers. The following action sequence was the longest one since the shootout with the bandits.

As everyone exits through the top of the tower, Vernon sees the train, asks if we used it, and then says never mind. In other words, the walker horde is likely inbound for Savannah. Ben is snatched by a walker hanging from the bell. I shoot the walker to save Ben. That was more of a reflex than a conscious desire. Ben, dangling to his death, is barely hanging onto my hand. Walkers are getting too close to me as they come up the staircase. Kenny only says, “Lee” with a solemn facial expression. That voice tone sounded like Kenny saying “Ben is not your responsibility” or “Time to let Ben go” or “It’s not worth risking your life.” Ben asks me to drop him. At that point, I let him go splat. Interestingly, earlier Ben said to me in the classroom that he felt that withholding information from Kenny was “eating” him up. Well, know he is being eaten by something else. This reminds of when, at the beginning of Episode 2, Mark said that he would have become food if he didn’t join Lee and the others, but by the end of that episode he was food. I have read over and over that people regretted not saving Ben. Not me. That worse-than-useless guy was finally removed. I feel zero guilt.

Back at the home, Omid feels better and Vernon makes me an offer I didn’t expect. The cancer survivors are well-supplied, well-hidden, and no longer endangered by armed Crawfordians. Clementine could be safe and well-fed with them. With me, I have struggled to keep her safe. I don’t know where we’d go on a boat. However, Vernon’s supplies will run out and then what? Will a bunch of cancer survivors be fierce protectors of Clementine or will they only be able to run and hide and occasionally shoot a pistol. I told Vernon I had to think about it. He understood. It’s a tough call.

Later in this episode, I realized Vernon’s deal wasn’t such a good idea since the walker horde is inbound. Leaving Savannah by boat seems like a better idea. Speaking of the boat, only five people can go on it. So who goes and who stays? My list is Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Omid, and Christa. My choices were determined by helpfulness. Clementine has been helpful. I have backed Kenny, so he has backed me. Omid seems like a good guy. If Chuck was alive, I would prefer him to Omid, but Chuck’s gone, so Omid’s take his spot. Christa is like Omid. A nice gal, but I would have preferred Molly. Chuck and Molly were way more helpful than Omid and Christa. Instead of fierce fighters, I got a nice couple.

Chapter 7 - The Morning After
Clementine goes missing! Not a big surprise, but the walker bite was. Unlike others, I disbelieve the bite causes zombification. Ben said in Ep. 2 that was not the cause. Duck became a walker because his wound was untreated. Plus his wound was larger. Lee’s injury is bad not necessarily life threatening. If he cleans his wound and bandages it, like Omid, he should last for a while, but should move because all kinds of bad symptoms could start appearing.

I showed the group the bite. Honesty seems to be the best policy in this game. There has not been a time so far where honesty to my teammates has backfired. Christa, Omid, and Kenny volunteered to help me find Clementine.

Chapter 8 - Penultimate
The sewer basement is empty. Where did the cancer survivors go? Presumably, Vernon realized the inbound walker horde would compromise their safety, so the cancer survivors left.

The unidentified man comes on the walkie talkie. He has Clementine, says he is not Vernon, and warns Lee to choose his words carefully. The episode ends without a trailer.

If Mr. Walkie-Talkie hurts Clementine, well, I believe this poster summarizes my feelings:


I am very glad that I have allies for the last episode. So what to expect? Here are the Episode 5 achievements and my guesses:

Chapter 1 - Into The Fire
The first Walking Dead achievement is Out of the Frying Pan (escaping from the police car). So, the idiom Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire, is a big hint. Presumably, Lee and the others will have to go through or around walkers to reach Clementine.

Chapter 2 - Twice Sky
I don’t know. Maybe something in the air like a skyscraper or other tall building. Maybe aircraft.

Chapter 3 - There Ain't No Way
This is too vague for a prediction.

Chapter 4 - Mercy
This sounds like a hard moral choice. Whether to be merciful has been a regular choice. For an achievement to be called Mercy indicates this is a toughie. Perhaps, a group member has a dark secret that has not been revealed.

Chapter 5 - The Marsh House
Either the fate of Clementine’s parents will be learned or not. If not, presumably, if Clementine is with you, she will cry. She has only sought her parents, but in the end she couldn’t find them. Uncertain whether they are alive or dead, she can only suffer in her ignorance and Lee is powerless to do anything. At this point, if this scenario occurs, Lee’s group members may have to comfort Lee.

Chapter 6 - What's In The Bag?
Presumably, not skittles, but something important.

Chapter 7 - Stay Close To Me
Lee has repeatedly told Clementine this, so I guess the survivors will be extremely packed together as they traverse dangerous terrain.

Chapter 8 - What Remains
Probably not much. The group could get on Kenny’s fixed boat, but wonder what remains of their hopes and their humanity. I hope the episode will end like episode 1 where you talk to characters and get their views. The camera pulls back and get glimmer about what is next and then the game ends. However, there is a trailer about Season 2 and then the Telltale fans excitedly learn if they will find out what happens to Season 1’s survivors or if they will play with new ones.

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