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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 4 REVIEW Thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about "Around every Corner" right here.

No spoiler tags necessary, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE PLAYED THE EPISODE!!!

AND I'll add an open poll to this thread for you to rate the episode on a scale from one to ten. It's not a substitute for a constructive review... it's just because I like polls.

Please ignore the results if Gary Whitta votes a 10. :D

edit: I created the poll as an open poll so you could see who voted which number... but it seems like Jake had different plans. So now Gary can vote and you wouldn't even know. ;)

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  • My Walking Dead EP4 review if you would like to read.

    One small choice spoiler in the review I don't go into detail at all though. The ending was amazing can't wait for EP5!

  • So, everyone else I've seen seems happy with the group, but Kenny kind of irritated me. In EP 1, I saved Duck both times. in EP 2, I helped him off Larry, AND I fed Duck, which he thanked me for. In EP 3, I sat on the fence, but then talked him down instead of fighting. This episode, I said that MAYBE we should wait a little before getting the boat, and saved Ben. Now I apparently have been watching out for myself instead of him. So, in summary... Kenny, WTF?

  • I felt I had to register an account after playing the 4th episode.

    AHHHHHH, EPIC!!!!!! Cannot believe Lee is bitten, who was the dude who was spying on you burying the kid???? Was it actually Molly? And you can let Clem go with the dickhead Doctor??? And Omid can die??? And you can shoot Molly!!!!
    I thought that when I saved Ben he would just die later anyway, but him actually coming with me?? Fuck, did not see that coming. I watched a mate play through after and he let him drop (I questioned his humanity afterwards and said I no longer wanted to be with him in a zombie apocalypse).
    Never played a game which made me care so much about characters. I was shouting at my TV for 2 episodes wanting that prick Ben to die and when it came to the choice, I couldn't let a living person needlessly snuff it. Even though he fucked up EVERYTHING. God, I want episode 5 NOW!!!!
    And I don't think Lee will be in season 2.
    Definitely need more than 3 save slots. Is it possible to hide your bite and still have people come with you?? I originally hid and then showed and had everyone come with me. I have no idea how it will affect the story overall. After every episode I have played I have watched the forums and seen the flamers getting angry, well I say to them now, FUCK YOU!!!! Your choices did matter, this could all end very differently for lots of people and you learn a lot about who your supposed 'mates' are when they make their Lee a heartless twat!!!!

    P.S. I always hated Chuck, not to be trusted, Clem should stop acting like that liability of a child from the TV show and Kenny and his mood swings need to do one (although I couldn't do it myself if I were given the choice...).

  • @Red Panda said: I guess you found her putting her self in danger, despite your clear warnings, charming.

    [*]She enters a house through the doggie door, despite me telling her not to enter buildings without my permission in Ep 3
    [*]She sneaks into the backyard, worrying Lee.
    [*]She follows Lee and Kenny into town.
    [*]Then she goes outside to meet the walkie talkie man.

    They trying to make her likable by having her do something useful, like find the boat, but it still pisses me off. Now she's in danger, again, and I got bit trying to figure out what happened and I'm supposed to want to save her? Not really.

    I feel exactly the same way. That girl won't listen and it cost Lee his life.

  • @Cattivo said: I feel exactly the same way. That girl won't listen and it cost Lee his life.

    She's eight years old.

    Also, worth noting that had Clementine not showed up in town when she did, Molly would have undoubtedly axed Lee in the face.

  • @lucidity02 said: She's eight years old.

    Also, worth noting that had Clementine not showed up in town when she did, Molly would have undoubtedly axed Lee in the face.

    Yea she's eight years old so there isn't much to expect as far as behavior. But I actually beat up Molly and put a gun to her head. Anyone else get that?

    I'm new to the boards here, I played eps 1 and 2 pretty much when they came out but I was into some other games when ep 3 hit. I didn't play it until this weekend along with ep 4 and let me say I was shocked and amazed at what happened.

    I know this is for ep 4 but I wanna say something about ep 3 really quick since I'm late to that party.

    Carley. First of all I was a big supporter of the Lee/Carley thing. When things started to move on that front I was excited about that but was cautious that Carley might die. Was thinking shot by the bandits, left behind, zombie bite, something along those lines. But when Lily reached for her that was some bs. Really emotional and broke my heart. Still upset about it. Granted it's only been a couple of days for me. I did bring Lily along even though I had to pause the game and think about it lol. I was going to leave her but I thought "what would Clementine think if I did that". Man this game makes me scratch my head, in a good way of course.

    Anyway, ep 4. Pretty much figured Crawford was walker infested, just had a feeling. And the thing about putting a gun to Molly's head I said earlier, I completed the two punching prompts when you sneak up on her. Clem just showed up and watched. I liked Chuck to a certain extent but I think he served his purpose. He didn't seem like he'd make it far to me. I don't have any emotional investment with Christa and Omid yet, they're still too new and (mostly Christa) seem more of a "to themselves type". But they are coming with me to find Clem so that is appreciated.

    The bite. Man I wasn't expecting that. To be honest I didn't know what to expect when I started this game. But this journey has been great and while I wish things were different it truly delivers a unique emotional experience that most games do not. I do think Clem's parents are dead and whether or not she'll find out, I think she needs Lee. I don't see how Lee can survive unless they throw in immunity (doubtful if not already debunked) or amputation which is probably too late.

    The only survivors I really wanted were Lee, Clementine, and Carley. I already expressed my thoughts on Carley and probably will continue to do so (since it's still new to me sorry :o) but really I was hoping for Lee and Clem to make it. Can you imagine being Clementine and losing the only partner you had during this time? Lee has spent this entire time trying to save her and now he won't be able to make sure it happens. It's really a bad situation. And even though I'm sure he won't turn/die before he sees her again their reunion will be short lived.

    At this point I'd be ok if some how Lee makes it. Because after the many gut wrenching moments this series has had (Carley/Doug, Duck, Katjaa) Lee just makes it almost unbearable. It really takes hope out of the equation which I think is essential in surviving something like this. But don't take what I'm saying as being bad at all. I've gotten something great from this game and I am excited to see how season 1 ends and what's in store for season 2.

  • @Jayrell said: I wonder why i REALLY can't look for Clems parents just to say we tried you know

    It seems a few people wonder this.

    There wouldn't be an episode 5 if you looked for her parents.

    Clem would have no reason to run away with the guy on the walkie-talkie. Remember, he was telling Clem he knows where her parents are.

  • In your scale I would give it 8.

    Why so high?

    -New characters were well-illustrated- as it used to be.
    -The plot in this episode is fantastic (crawford, boat, clem disappearance and so on).
    -I also like that we were able to decide more about Clem.
    -It is the best episode from point of view of typical adventure game.
    - I still can feel amazing atmosphere of the game and TWD universe.

    Why so low? (In my opinion episodes 2nd and 3rd are better)

    - I was really missing the continuous tension. I mean that in 2nd and 3rd episodes I was used to it (especially in 2nd)- I was not sure if something would not happen in any moment.
    - "Difficult" decisions and choices weren't difficult for me. I think that my choices aren't about outcome, but about me and my personality and I had known that I had to help Ben (not to let him fall down) and Kenny ( to kill the boy). I still have time to decide if Clem should stay with me or go with Vernon. There was nothing tough to decide about (as it should have been). Previously, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd I felt that I could be wrong.

  • @JesseC25 said: The bite is RIGHT on his wrist. If he cut off his wrist, then the infection wouldn't kill him. It would take forever to heal though, he would be disabled after, and the bleeding may kill him.

    What a lot of people do, especially if you get a snakebite, is to make a really tight knot around your arm, so the infected blood can't flow to the rest of your body. If Lee used anything to tie a knot around his elbow, he would have a little more time.

    Hey...Nowhere in the comics to date has ANYBODY survived a bite by amputating the biten limb. Not even Dale. Reread it and you'll see. Come :mad: on everybody.

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