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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow

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  • I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to swear at Kenny and tell him to go get fucked. Made my day. What a great game!

  • @Kiel555 said: I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to swear at Kenny and tell him to go get fucked. Made my day. What a great game!

    Totally man! Episode 4 was a beast... Telltale knows how to deliver!

  • So much for feeding his kid and stuff. That reminds me, I still have two energy bars from episode one somewhere. Where are those at Telltale? Stuck in my ass with the axe maybe?

  • I'm really starting to like the silent option for Lee in the game. Kenny and Ben have been dead to me since e3 and every time a dialogue option came up for them I'd select "...". Made the game a lot more tolerable to play. In e4 when Lee and Kenny are at the docks looking for a boat, don't ask me why what a dumb idea, I just selected ... everytime. It's actually kind of funny in a way.

    I've really enjoyed the last part of e4 with no Kenny or Ben in the group. Oh well, all good things must come to an end, I think with the herd arriving in town that everyone, except for Ben that is (a walker got him), will be back in the group even if you did not take them with you.

  • I think that anyone who stays behind at the house has a greater chance of survival than anyone going on this suicide mission to save Clem. Makes me somewhat wish I'd hidden my bite so Christa and Omid would stay, while Kenny and I go to find Clem and get killed without putting two of the only nice people left in the world at risk.

  • I'd have to say, as much as I hate Ben for being such a pussy I think I actually hate Kenny more. From the moment you meet Kenny he's a selfish bastard. He only looks out for himself and his family. He doesn't really even care about you. At the farm he saves Duck and runs off not even bothering to save Shawn Greene.

    I'm not going to bend myself backwards through the whole game and pledge loyalty to this asshole just so he would be willing to save someone else's skin i.e. Clementine at the end of Episode 4. He's hardly ever had your back through the whole game.

    Kenny Episode 1
    [*]Saves Duck, leaves you to save Shawn Greene
    [*]Wants you to go with him because you can knock some heads (pretty much can't defend himself)
    [*]Let's you do all the work at the Pharmacy while he kicks back with his family
    [*]Barely picks you up because Larry knocks your lights out while trying to escape the Pharmacy

    Kenny Episode 2
    [*]You try to save Katjaa (his wife) but you get attacked by Ben's dead friend/teacher instead, Kenny doesn't save you and doesn't even thank you for attempting to save one of his family member
    [*]At St. John's Dairy you and Mark get attacked by bandits but hey where's Kenny to save the day? Nowhere to be found
    [*]He murders Larry in cold blood even after Larry shows some sign of life after like the 4th chest compression
    [*]After escaping the freezer you come out to Danny and Andy, you hide in one of the stalls, Danny's got a gun right to your face but hey Kenny's right beside you and doesn't help instead runs to make sure his family is safe instead and leaves you behind to deal with Danny
    [*]You fight Andy and are about to get electrocuted on the fence, oops! where's Kenny? Oh yeah he was smart to charge at full speed against Andy with a loaded gun and got shot on his side, not the wisest choices Kenny made

    Kenny Episode 3
    [*]Drops you on your head when trying to climb the ladder back into the Pharmacy and lies that he's okay
    [*]Threatens to leave you and ride his RV with his family leaving everyone behind if you don't pick a side
    [*]You get attacked by the helicopter pilot while Kenny just watches you fend for yourself
    [*]Wants you to choose a side back when he and Lily where fighting over who's in charge, but when you need help saving Carley yeah...he doesn't want to get involved and Carley gets killed
    [*]Wants you to figure out how to start the train while he chills as the train conductor at the front
    [*]Doesn't want to stop the train so you have to beat some sense into him
    [*]You tell him to shoot his own son because he doesn't have the balls to do it
    [*]You and Clementine get attacked by walkers at the train station, gee where's Kenny? I'm sure it doesn't take that long to teach Omid how to run the train

    Kenny Episode 4
    [*]Kenny gets caught by the ankle from a zombie, you shoot the zombie and free him
    [*]Kenny can't kill the starving kid who died and turned into a zombie in the attic, once again you have to tell him to shoot otherwise he'd let that thing kill himself
    [*]At the docks you and Kenny are suppose to ambush ninja Molly but you and Kenny get your asses kicked and Clementine pretty much saves you both
    [*]The docks are flooded with zombies, Molly runs away and manages to pull up Kenny and Clementine, again Kenny lends you a hand but drops you on the ground like at the Pharmacy and Molly's Hilda saves you
    [*]Kenny decides to get drunk instead of helping you find Clementine
    [*]You help Kenny and Brie secure the door to the playground and he goes back into the classroom leaving you to fight off walkers that trapped Christa and Vernon in the infirmary
    [*]Kenny that idiot sends Ben out to find something to break the armory door when he knows damn well that Ben is a total f*** up so you and Molly get attacked by zombies
    [*]Your leg gets caught in the hole on the stairs, where's Kenny to save you? Oh yeah he ran up the stairs to save himself...and he left you this shotgun that has unlimited ammo
    [*]You have to fight your way up the staircase full of zombies, Kenny where are you to help? Christa helps you popping a few zombie headshots
    [*]Clementine disappears and Omid/Christa come to help but Kenny will only do so if you were pretty much a 100% loyal dog and servant to him or you beg him that Clem is your only family

    TLDR; Buck Fenny!

    P.S. My last save Omid/Christa/Ben are with me to go to Episode 5 I don't care if Kenny drowns or dies in his boat or he leaves us behind, he let me down so many times and I'm looking forward to getting rid of Kenny. At the end of the day I keep asking myself "Would this be the kind of guy I would like to have as a partner if a zombie apocalypse happened?" And to that I say hell mutha**************************** NO!

  • Hey guys. Do you think that in ep.5 we will meet Kenny again, if we've chosen the "go fuck yourself" option :)

  • I don't even know what happens when you choose it. I wish someone I watch on youtube picked that option D:

    Anyhow, I think we probably will, he'll probably wait for you even though you told him to go f himself...

  • ..Wow, In 4 months this thread got 1060 posts. Just wow.

  • He might side with the walkie-guy if he REALLY hates you. But if he gave you the bro speech (like me) he'll probably die for you.

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