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Who should play Lilly Caul in the TV Series?

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Personally i can only think of one chica, Evangeline Lilly from Lost. she would make a great Lilly :D


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    My vote still goes for Eva Green

    thestalkinghead even morphed Lilly with Eva Green and Evangeline Lilly :D

    With Eva Green

    With Evangeline Lilly

    P.S I'm a huge fan of Lost too :D

  • @ZacTB said: Evangeline Lilly is a good actress (and she comes off really well in interviews), but Kate is just not the best character to play as (I still liked her though). I think she could be good as Lilly.

    I dunno, dude. I'm as big a Lost fan as you'll find and her abilities never impressed me. She's pretty, sure, but I found myself zoning out whenever she was onscreen. Maybe that's due to the way Kate was written, but I just never felt it.

  • I'm new to the forums and I wanted to ask first is there a thread that has cast actors/actress for this game?

    I think Evangeline Lily could play Lily. I think she could bring that attitude Lily has but I'm not sold as "casting" her yet. I don't know much about Eva Green but I'd like to see more of her first.

    What Lee? I saw a thread suggesting Will Smith and while I like him as an actor but I think there are probably some other choices that suit Lee better. Don't know who yet.

    I'd like to get a fan cast together for everyone which is why I asked the first question.

  • Isn't this Lilly in the game different from the one in the comic?

  • @ZacTB said: I think I am the only one who enjoyed her flashback episodes. .

    I only liked her flashback episodes because it turns out she was married to Captain Malcolm Renolds!

    That's all kinds of awesome.

  • i heard it suggested that Andrea may join woodbury become lilly

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