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Is Lilly's role in the game really over?

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I liked Lilly. Maybe she doesn't have the best personality, but she was an interesting character to interact with. Based on your actions she would either despise Lee or trust him. I liked keeping her around.

After she left the group in episode 3, I was certain that she would return. She had a big role in the series after all. But now I remember that this is the Walking Dead. That might have been the last time we saw her. She had to go to Woodbury eventually.

But now when it's uncertain that she's the same Lilly as in the comics, do you think she'll have her amazing return in the last episode? She manages to get to Savannah, maybe Clem's kidnapper helped her get there? And based on Lee's actions in the previous episodes, she will either help Lee or attack him.

What do you think? Is her role in the game over already, or is there more for this lady?

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