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The unofficial fate of Ben poll.

posted by AsariTears on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

So, here we are.. Everyone who said Pre-Ep4 that they wanted the option to kill Ben because of all the crap that happened previously.

Did you follow through or not?

Me, at first I did because I figured that knowing how these games have gone previously that if I tried to rescue him, something stupid would have happened and he would have fallen to his death anyway. But then as he smashed into the ground at the bottom of the stairwell, crying as the walkers started to eat him...

Well, I was like "damnnn lol that's really f*@king cold..."

So I rewound to see if I could actually save his stupid @ss. To my surprise, yes I could. And I'm glad I did too because when convincing him to come help search for Clementine. I told him that she was basically the reason he's still alive. And as a result he said "By the end of all this, I will make it up to everyone." Then the plotmarker checked at the top left noting that "You gave Ben the chance to prove himself", I wont forget that Telltale.;)

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  • @Gary Whitta said: Also, the save/drop stat has been moving more toward dropping him lately. Started out around 70/30, now it's closer to 60/40.

    Probably because all the people waiting for Ep4 to kill him were the first to play the episode ;)

  • @AsariTears said: I think this is what will happen on my next playthrough, my instinct reaction was to drop him, and only rewound to see if you actually "could" rescue him. When I found out you could. I didn't bother reloading again. But still, my gut reaction was to drop him, so I suppose I should have lived with that.

    I got through all of Ep's 1 and 3 without rewinding. So I'm going to stick with 3/5. No matter what dumb choices I make in Ep5.

    I do have one complaint though Gary, if you ever read this;


    Believe me, after finding out Ben COULD have lived it was a bit of a struggle to not rewinf and live with my choices, even if Lee won't be doing much "living" from this point on.

  • I thought he was going to die whatever I chose, but thought I would try to save him anyway.

  • He was responsible for 3 deaths, true they weren't direct - but he was stupid and made very poor decisions. He killed Carley, Katjaa & Duck - if he had just been honest with Lilly then he probably would have saved Carley, and if he hadn't done it in the first place then Duck was unlikely to be bitten.

    He ALSO then took the axe out of the door and probably then caused the death of Brie. He NEVER looked out for Clementine, and he let Kenny get wasted. He also almost left Clem to her death at the beginning of Ep. 4.

    So yes, I dropped him. He was a liability and didn't deserve another chance. I feel bad after his screams, but I'm not going to rewind it. I did what i would've done :3

    And no "Aw, he's only young", Clem has been 10x the help than he has!

    phew /rant over

  • @Gary Whitta said: Rewinding = lame. LIVE WITH YOUR DECISION.

    First and only time I did a rewind, Kenny ratting you out in front of Clem was just subpar writing.

    Please note how many members of the gang know that Kenny dropped a salt block on top of somebody's head. Seeing that even Katjaa in the next episode doesn't know what happened unless you told her means no one besides Lee and Clem. And Lee also didn't tell any of the new arrivals.

    If the group had been aware that Kenny will kill you the first sign of cardiac arrest (unless you're not related to him), you'd think they let him be the prick he has been so far? Lee has been doing him a huge favor for a long time.

    And then for him to then announce to the whole group you killed Ben without giving you a proper response was weird. Let me generalize and go for the two possible Kenny-Lee relationships. In both of these realities this response made no sense.

    The first one is where Kenny and Lee are best buds. In that case: Why did Kenny rat him out to the group first change he got, even in front of Clem for crying out loud. As a father I bet he never told Duck what happened, he owes Lee better. Again, he never told anyone he killed Larry so he seems to be aware that telling people things like this is a bad idea.

    And the second relationship (like in my game) is were Kenny is a *swear!* and Lee and him should really take up couple counseling. Kenny is a mental wreck, Lee should have been offered to option to call Kenny a liar and insist Ben just slipped out of his hands. Then, Lee's behavior up till that point (his voting behavior in the Ben situation especially) should have been the factor in getting away with it. People could still be suspicious and wary, but I think most would give Lee the benefit of the doubt. This might prove the final breaking point between Kenny and Lee but I would have gladly accepted those circumstances.

    That entire scene was nothing but a cop out.

  • @oraclekun
    Kenny blurting out that you dropped Ben fits his impulsive nature,he also tells the group about what Lee did with the bitten woman in episode 3, and he did have a grudge against Ben.He was pleased that Ben died, say it out loud and proud Kenny!

    I find it a little strange that some players want to kill but only if Clementine doesnt ever know what their Lee is truly like(Clem likes Ben and considers him a friend), what a deceptive relationship.I would imagine that Clementine would feel betrayed if she somehow found out in the future,most secrets tend to come out in the end.
    If your Lee is willing to kill or let someone die why not try to justify it?

  • I changed my mind and saved him, it's not him That l want to kill.
    But Clem had no influence on that choice.

  • So let me get this right... If you don't drop Ben. Kenny resents you for not doing it.

    But if you do drop Ben, Kenny calls you out to the group no matter what, calling you a murderer?

  • @AsariTears said: So let me get this right... If you don't drop Ben. Kenny resents you for not doing it.

    But if you do drop Ben, Kenny calls you out to the group no matter what, calling you a murderer?


    @AsariTears said: Also, the save/drop stat has been moving more toward dropping him lately. Started out around 70/30, now it's closer to 60/40.

    That's because people are rewinding the episode in order to see how the finale turns out to be, if you bring idiot Ben with you. I bet a lot of them expect him to redeem himself - and I sincerely hope he's going to fuck up huge once again, as usual!

  • Yea okay, Kenny's an asshole.

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