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Damn iOS touch interface ....

posted by BR0KK on - last edited - Viewed by 467 users

I'm trying to enjoy episode 2 on my iPhone but that crappy touch interface is not working properly ..

I always get stuck somewhere and have to repeat it ten times to get it working.

1. The scene where the man with the chopped of leg tired into a walker and attacks me.

Touch doesn't work here ..... got past that after tring at least 20 times .....
At least it's clear what I'm supposed to get rid of the zombie

There are buttons displayed (but obviously not working)

2. The scene behind the tractor.

It's totally impossible to get him moving. Tried it hundred times now including smashing the iPhone to the ground (...)

The tractor starts moving and be gets shot by an arrow.

What is the "action" to get him moving?
Swiping ?
Pushing ?
Pressing ?

Any hint?

I would really like if u could give us iOS gamer at least a button or a choice of having buttons in the game.

Btw.... The gameplay on the iPhone 4 feels like an early beta. Frame drops, lags and interface errors aren't what I expect for 5$ + 11$ ....

Get it fixed ....

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