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The Final Choice

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Who hid the bite, and who was up front with the group about it?

Also - I noticed in the statistics that you can get people to come with you in your quest to rescue Clementine. Can anyone explain to me how that works? Do you have to reveal your bite for this to happen, and then anyone who had had a good relationship with you tags along?

Personally I hid my bite, and opted to go it alone. I didn't want the sympathy of the group, and I certainly didn't want to put any of them in jepordy. I figure I can Rambo-it to Clem (since I no longer have anything to lose) and when I get to her, she can stay with Vernon and his people. The group go off in the boat, and my Lee dies happy in the knowledge that he got everyone out safely.

I'd be really really interested to hear how you guys decided, and if anyone could answer my question, I'd really appreciate it!

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  • Is it possible to show the bite and still have Omid and Christa not come with you? I want my Pro-Kenny save to be just me and him but I don't want to hide the bite from him.

  • Showed the bite

    Took Kenny, (after some convincing as I didn't help kill Larry ect.) Omid and Christa

    Left Ben with the boat,just in case,also because I need Kenny watching my back. (Though leaving Ben with the boat will probably be one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life!)

    Also at the end I told the radio guy to not hurt Clementine,I couldn't bear her getting hurt in anyway!

  • I wrote a long reply but it's disappeared to I'll summarise. I'm disappointed with Kenny. I felt like I'd stuck by him from ep 2 onwards, including holding back Lilly, but at the end he held it against me that I didn't try to save duck and apparently sided with Larry because I said reason with him. If Kenny was so pissed about he should've left me to the walkers when Larry punched me out. I feel betrayed.

  • @YamiRaziel said: I just couldn't let him die. I guess I'm a sucker for redemption stories :D Ben will redeem himself! You'll see Kiel555!

    I hope you're right. I really do.:) How many more people need to die so that this cowardly traitor can one day redeem himself? Take a look at your group. How many warm bodies do you have left? People die around Ben. Just ask Charles or Brie if I'm right or not.:D

  • Hid the bite. Thought that if they knew I was going to turn soon, they'd want to put me down then and there -- and THEN who'd help find Clementine? But it turns out, I still could only get Ben to come with me, and that was only because I guilted him into it. I was Kenny's best friend almost the whole way through, but that wasn't good enough to get him to tag along. Apparently, if you show the bite, Christa and Omid insist on coming with. But I'm pretty sure they'll all (or most of them will) show up again in Ep 5...

  • I got everyone except Ben, I would have liked to take him with my but I was afraid that Kenny wouldn't come with me then and Kenny is... better in solving problems then Ben.
    And what is everyones problem with Kenny? He's a good guy in my eyes and I would always try to rescue him if he was in danger and I had to make a descision if he had to life or to die.

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    I showed the bite, let Ben die, and had everyone else come with me.

    I've been playing a super honest Lee the whole time. My favorite payoff for that was when someone tried to go, "Uh, yeah, well...Lee's a convicted killer!" and the whole group knew because I'd told them earlier, and it was like, "Yeah, we knew already!"

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    @kreton said:
    And what is everyones problem with Kenny? He's a good guy in my eyes and I would always try to rescue him if he was in danger and I had to make a descision if he had to life or to die.

    This could start a huge debate in and of itself. People seem pretty polarized on the issue of Kenny; either people think he's likeable and an okay guy, or people think he's a jerk only out for himself. It really just depends on how you play him. I personally like him, but do find myself annoyed when he acts like I've never done anything for him, despite the fact I side with him almost all the time, and saved him the pain of putting Duck down himself.

  • I showed the bite, but Kenny didn´t wanted to help me even I helped him many, many times... I am with Omid, Christa and Ben on this.

  • I showed them because, like Kenny says in Episode 3: "We gotta stay honest with each other". Although I WAS worried Kenny would want to shoot me right then and there because of it. But I trusted him, and am glad I have everyone (who's alive) coming with me. Especially since this means that even if my Lee fucks up the rescue, there will still be 2 other able bodied people and Omid to rescue her.

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