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Radio Guy : Friend or Foe ?

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Hey guys something got my attention in Ep4 . Before Molly rings the church bell the radio guy warns us to get out of the street immediately.So i'm thinking ; is it possible the radio guy not an adversary ?

P.S. If any mistake in my English sorry.It isn't my native language.

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  • @Rock114 said: Not a sound theory by any means, but if Clem told him about the boat I don't see why he wouldn't try to get it. Contacting Lee after he already has her shows he's willing to cooperate/negotiate. And what's the most valuable thing the group has that someone might want?

    Thats too optimistic and logical.

  • Foe, he kidnapped Clem.

    As for why he'd tell us to get out of the street, to keep us alive, but only for his own purposes. I'm guessing he kidnapped Clem to try to get the group to do his bidding, go to dangerous places and get him supplies and such.

    This guess has walkie talkie man doing it for survival mainly, but it's still going to get him shot by living Lee or eaten by zombie Lee if I have anything to say about it.

  • Warned them to get off the street so Clem would live and he could fufill his nefarious deeds >:)

  • He's Foe, Although in the EP 4 trailer, he was like "you need to get off the streets, now!" he sounded like he was helping, In Episode 4 retail he slightly more Evil.

  • He's a sick twist with an agenda and he's using Clem as leverage. Foe.

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    foe.I think he deceive clem and tell him I know your parents here so he stole her and he uses her as a bait achieve to his cranky purpose.he is a sick murderer.

  • @aguyuno said: To put it another way, the last crazy person to get too close to Clementine was Jolene, and I put a bullet in her head. Radio Man will be just another notch on Lee's pistol.

    Maybe he is like Jolene.Maybe he's doing this for her safety.But he is crazy,so he kidnaps her.Maybe he lost a child.That made him snap.

    Edit:I know i sound like i'm on his side.But i'm not.I just expect a surprise in Ep5.Like he isn't a completely bad person.Maybe TT wants us to think he is bad.

    Edit2:And Jolene wasn't bad.She tried to warn us too about St.Johns...

  • He will lead us to a cottage on a lake and strip us naked and eat lee's arm saving him because whilst eating it he will suck up the evil blood cells. He will then rape everyone else and the series will end.

    :] He's a foe.

  • It's just like TTG to muck this all up for us. I was certain the radio guy was a foe at the end of e3. Now, at the end of e4 I'm not so certain. I would still like to kill him though.

    It's odd that he would warn us to get off the streets. Tells me he's in a elevated location. Like a high rise building where he can observe movement in the city below.

    Even more odd, he takes Clem and thus has what he wants right? So why contact Lee? Unless he wants Carley's glock or something from Crawford there is no reason to contact Lee.

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