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How did you feel about Clementine always running off?

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Crawling under the door, Walking the few blocks to the waterfront ALONE, and going to the backyard. A lot of people thought this was cute but it wouldn't of been cute if you found her torn open by a walker. Episode 3 I said wait for me before opening doors I got kinda scared / mad when she went under the doggie door. What if she walked to the Boats at the wrong time and got caught off by those 20 walkers? I'm glad she found a boat but what if something like we saw that was in the attic was there instead? Yeah shes helpful but we're a team and some cooperation would be nice. The only reason I brought her to Crawford was because I couldn't trust her alone anymore.

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  • @Zeruis said: I scolded for these reasons. She needs to stay safe, and when Lee says that, the choice reads "Clementine feels hurt" or something. Which is the reason I felt bad for her and allowed her come with me to Crawford.

    I did feel bad for hurting her feelings but at the same time, her recklessness could get her killed, so I felt justified in being angry with her. I dont want to coddle her and think every crazy thing she does is cute. I needed her to understand that she cant just do stuff like that without telling people. Not that the lesson sunk in. She followed us to the docks alone. Yeah, she saved my life, but still.

  • It was all according to plan, i mean why else would I leave her alone with Ben, I knew something goodish-bad would happen!

  • I wonder if what you tell her in these situations matter in ep 5. Seems insignifacnt as of now but who knows.

  • I'm glad, it shows she's most likely going to survive.

  • I've been getting a "Where's Carl?" vibe from her. I swear, she's NEVER in the house anymore.

  • I don't like it. In Episode 3 Lee says to "wait for me before going into any doors", and right off the bat she crawls through a doggie door without even trying to let us know what she's doing. I yelled at her because I was so surprised, and scared for her. It was more of a "What the hell were you doing?!" type of instant reaction, instead of what I really would have said I think. The only bright side of her going to the docks was her being able to see me kick Molly's ass. Now she truly knows how badass her guardian is.

  • You mean New Carl?Yeah I like It when she always runs away just like Carl in Season 2.

  • Clem is asserting herself. She is being ignored and doesn't like it. No one will help her find her family (except the walkie talkie man says he will). People keep trying to leave her behind, when she feels safest with Lee. She knows she can help and she wants to have a say.

    She was taken at the end of episode 4 because Lee wasn't taking her problems seriously. There was plenty of warning before it happened. You're right that Lee couldn't trust Clem anymore to do what he said, but that's because Lee wasn't cooperating with her, just telling her what to do and ignoring her feelings.

    Being a parental figure with zombies would be very difficult. Kids want to assert themselves, want to rebel when they aren't getting their way. That can get them killed. Lee needed to help Clem search for her parents, even if it was futile, instead of telling her over and over again that the goal was to find a boat and leave all hope of finding her parents behind.

  • I agree, I made a thread a while back saying how Clementine is very two-faced in my opinion. Why would she blatently LIE to Lee and tell him the walkie is broken/ or even she was talking to a man? Then she wanders by herself KNOWING that someone is watching them to roam the streets and find you? I think this could lead up to a twist ending of one in which Clem runs off on her own or something. But really, Clem although I still do whatever to protect her, has got some major explaining to do in my book.

  • I just hate it when she cries. I tried telling her that the parents are dead. As it says when overwhelmed she falls to bits.

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