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Tales of Monkey Island Achievements/Trophies

posted by Ash735 on - last edited - Viewed by 449 users

Since Tales is eventually (hopefully) due out on Xbox and PS3 at some point, let's make up a list of Achievements/Trophies for the game, remember that the Xbox Live limit is 12 for Downloaded games, so here's my take:

Bronze/5G - He's Human?
Complete the Prologue

Silver/20G - Launched the Narwhal
Complete Chapter 1

Silver/20G - Stop the Siege
Complete Chapter 2

Silver/20G - It's so small
Complete Chapter 3

Silver/20G - UNHOLY THIS!
Complete Chapter 4

Gold/25G - Guybrush Kicks Butt X5
Complete Chapter 5

Bronze/10G - A Glimpse of What's to Come?
Show the flyer to the Voodoo Lady

Bronze/10G - Let me get my camera
Get LeChuck to pose

Bronze/15G - Meet Murray
Use Murray with everyone.

Bronze/15G - Eye've seen it all
Use the Glass Eye with everyone in Flotsam Town

Bronze/10G - BANANG!
Do the Banang Dance!

Bronze/30G - Always carry a shovel (In Your Pants)
Complete all 10 Treasure Hunts

Yeah some of those are filler but you get the jist. :)

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  • @Laserschwert said:
    "That's the main mast!" (annoying Morgan, Lechuck, and Elaine)


  • @prizna said: I think there should be one for getting all 100,000 grubs in lair of the leviathan.

    If this happens I hope you're punished with a hook hand--because I would feel like I needed to get that trophy.

  • WELL DONE PEOPLE, The PS3 Trophy list actually has some of our suggestions! Not including the story ones, Here's what was mentioned:

    by Ash735 (Me :))
    "Let me get my camera" (Get LeChuck to pose)
    "Ride 'Em, Pirate" (Made LeChuck do something embarassing on the cliff)

    "Meet Murray" (Use Murray with everyone.)
    "Meet Murray" (Introduced Murray to everyone) ...hold on

    "BANANG!" (Do the Banang Dance!)
    "Dance, Monkey, Dance!" (Did the dance of the hybrid fruit)

    by Laserschwert
    "There's a monkey in my pocket..." (getting Guybrush to sing)
    "Musical Memories" (Enticed Guybrush to indulge his musical impulses)

    "That's the main mast!" (annoying Morgan)
    "She's Cute When She's Angry" (Get Morgan angry by repeatedly checking out the mast)

    "Literate" (reading all the book titles at the Voodoo Lady's shack)
    "This Ain't a Library" (Intensely browsed a prominent bookshelf)

    by prizna
    "there should be one for getting all 100,000 grubs"
    Sort of became
    "The 0.01 Percent Solution" (Got one one ten thousandth of the way through the alternate solution to the Cochlea puzzle)

    Thanks TellTale :)

  • you should at least have to get two grubs or it is way too easy.

  • @jaden551 said: you should at least have to get two grubs or it is way too easy.

    Funny with you having to get 100,000 wouldent it be 10 grubs? Also what my idea(which was annoy Morgan, Elaine, and lechuck about the mast) I know morgan got in but lechuck and elaine can also get annoyed.

  • I'm curious about what all the trophies from all five episodes look like. Perhaps there could be screenshots of them.

  • Hi,

    Are the achievements also available for people who play the game on PC in any of the five episodes? If so, is it available in both the download episodes and the DVD?

    What about non-ToMI Monkey Island games (namely, the special editions of MI1 and MI2)? Are there achievements for the PC versions of these games?


  • PC versions of ToMI and MI1:SE don't have achievements anywhere. Steam version of MI2:SE got achievements.

  • Thanks for replying, Farlander.

    Are the achievements of MI2:SE viewable in-game as well in the Steam version, or they're viewable on-line only (on Steam's website)? What about in the DVD release?

  • They're viewable through Steam's site/in-game overlay/your Steam client. I'm not sure about the DVD release, but I don't think LA would add achievements functionality in the game itself specifically for a release without connection to Steam/PSN/XBL.

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