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DEMANDING A Fix To My Episode Downloading Problems! (Walking Dead)

posted by JoeyThaWonder on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users

I have a simple request: If anyone who has a SURE fix for the episode downloading problems on the Mac (I would specifically ask for a TTG employee, but I know that they have not been responding at all to these inquires), I would like it to be known.

I've tried the "Inofficial" way of fixing the problem with absolutely no luck. If I don't have this problem fixed EXTREMELY soon (I would probably say end of day today, starting from 7:00 PM Central Time USA), I will tell my fellow Mac users wishing to download a TellTale product that not only is the episode downloading system on this device broken, but I will also criticize the customer service that has been provided to me so far (which is none).

If there is no REAL fix, I will also demand a reimbursement from TTG in the form of credit so I can download the game from Steam or another platform that would be guaranteed to work.

In closing, I LOVED Episode 1 of The Walking Dead, but this error I keep encountering has be extremely, EXTREMELY annoyed, and I feel that this has been a waste of money. I know I'll love the other episodes, but if I can't access them, then what is the point?

Expecting a prompt response,

- Joey

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