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Zombies - too convince?

posted by Master of Aeons on - last edited - Viewed by 387 users

Are zombies too convinceinal in media today to matter? I remember liking zombies in the 80s when it was silly fun in Return of The Living Dead, and again in Shaun of the Dead, which was just a love letter that got dark at the end. But everything I watch with zombies falls apart past the first viewing. It's too bland a premise to carry a story without a lot of more interesting plots that don't focus on the zombies - such as in this game.

Zombies are everywhere. It's like the world of the Walking Dead, except its just poorly written rehashes of other things:
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Zombie Titanic
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

So what do you think? Too convince? Convention me of your stance.

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