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Season 2's character...

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I know this season is not over and should maybe not jump the gun, but do you think we will play as someone from the current group or another random guy with all new characters? If you could skip ahead a few years ( I know they said they couldn't because they dont know where the walking dead universe would be then.) but if they found a way to. I think you should play as an older Clementine.

I know im obviously not the first to suggest it, but I think it would make the most sense. I feel like clem has seen all your actions and she takes that into how she would probably deal with things in the future. So in my opinion it would make sense since she got the way she handles things from lee. ( telltale stated they didn't want a main character where you had to learn a lot of their past from.)

My last opinion is I feel like they need to at least include characters from this season to make the other feel connected. OH AND ONE MORE....would someone please quickly chop Lee's arm off....HURRY...thanks.

What are your opinions? you don't have to agree with mine.

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