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Telltale Customer Support Unresponsive

posted by jimmythefist on - last edited - Viewed by 595 users

Two Emails and two forum posts and no response from Telltale. Sure wish I hadn't given you my money Telltale.

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  • The Telltale Support mail is totally unresponsive.
    I've asked for a refund really nicely, as sophisticated as I could, but no reply at all. I tried explaining to them that I really don't want a refund and rather just get a good fix and finish the game, but Telltale Games isn't able to give me this as well. Well, the only thing that remains is a refund... I think.
    But it's not gonna happen. I'm getting to a point that I'm just gonna have to accept the fact that I threw away 30 dollars for 2/5th of game I can't finish.

  • They're probably so clogged with emails that they can't answer too quickly. Telltale's a small company, and I'm betting the response they've gotten from TWD has been a LOT bigger than they expected and has overloaded them.

    However, their response to these issues (well, lack of a response) has been pretty poor. One of the main reasons they'd GET so many emails is because they haven't dealt with the issue or, at the very least, made a public announcement regarding it.

    So basically, I understand the technical reason WHY they're not responding to emails very well but the reason is a fairly poor one that could easily be remedied by actually publicly communicating with their angry fans and treating them like human beings instead of plunderable wallets. :P If they can't fix the issue quickly, fine, but they should at least tell us they're trying.

  • I got the standard copy and paste identikit response (after 3 days) to my issue when i emailed them, despite the fact in the email i had already said that everything they suggest did not work.

    I finally fixed my problem with help from forum users.

    Awful awful customer service. Once they have your money they do not give a toss...

  • Well many people have the same problem, so they could make a news on the website. Saying that just a small group of people have the download problem is a F****** joke.

  • Yep i agree. Emailed support a week ago, tweeted at them about 7 times, posted on forum twice. NO ANSWER. it's like yelling into a well. Never buying a telltale product again.

  • I finally got an email back from Telltale. It said to delete the game from my phone, then purchase the multipack again-you won't be charged a second time. Of course it does nothing, just a waste of time. I do now have the option to GET episode 2 and 3, but it either downloads to 99.99% and freezes, or just doesn't download and says I have no internet connection. Tried it using 3G and it goes up to 99.99% and says no internet connection as well. Can't wait to see my next cell bill.

  • Well it's finally worked for me, downloaded episode 2, pushed my luck and tried 3 as well. Both worked, but had to download through 3G connection. Still got the same bullsh*t response of "no internet connection" while trying through wifi.

  • Still can't play anything but episode 1 and no response from Telltale.

  • I feel the same way. Made a whole other post requesting some form of response and a complete review of the issue here ""

  • Since the day this company opened its doors, their support has been god awful. I think they go cheap by probably having 1 dude (an intern) handle email in between going to fetch coffee, doughnuts, pizza, whatever.

    And it is deplorable that they have never resolved this problem.

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