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EU release. No need for answers, just hopeful anticipation :D

posted by HauntinPumkin on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users

Hello There!

I know there has been no word on an EU release and I don't expect one anytime soon (as much as it pains me), But I'd just like to say a few things, nothing bad, quite the opposite.

Everything I've seen of this game is absolutely brilliant! i know from what I've watched (I know, I've spoiled some of the game for me, but that doesn't change how much i want this game) that it is just a great game!

Unfortunately I live in New Zealand where the only access most of my fellow fans of the walking dead (you'll be so surprised by the sheer number of how many people here want this game) have is off you tube, and those lucky enough, PC.

We admire what the Tell Tales Team has done so far and we do hope we can join you all in the crazy, zombie apocalyptic world of the walking dead. If you read this I thank you, I'm just such a big fan of what I've seen and i know many others that are as well.

Happy Gaming guys and gals, we'll be hoping for an EU release! thank you for your Time. :D

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