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How Will Episode 5 End?

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How do you think it will end?

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  • @thestalkinghead said: that (simplified ending) actually sounds alright to me

    ya it was late and i was tired. could have probably put more into it. :/

  • No clue at this point in time on how TTG is going to close this story. Though, I really hope that they give us a short story about what happens to everyone left at the end. Things like how the survivors carry on and or how Clem grows up based on what she learned from Lee and the group. Doesn't have to even be animated as it could be done in stills with a narration through it and take about 2mins.

  • @Keyalha said: My guess is that whoever is still allive at end of ep4 dies and it fades out with one sentence:

    " War never changes "...

    And it would be even more epic if they could get Ron Perlman to narrate it.

  • I think the ending itself will give us a hopeful message. People will die, the world will still be in ruins, and the za will be no where near over, but I think there will be a hopeful theme in that Clem will still be given a chance to survive and grow up in this world. Lee got her very far in this new world and gave her the tools and knowledge she needs to have a fighting chance, but he will die in the end and have to give her to someone whom he trusts.

    It will be an extremely sad ending (it would't be walking dead if it wasn't), but I think it will still give off a vibe of hope for Clem and others; it's the only thing that cannot be taken away no matter how bad things get as Lee stated in Episode 4. I think that would be a good balance between a sad ending and a hopeful one that is not entirely devoid of happiness and hope.

  • @Christoaster said: I think Clem might find her parents.

    This would certainly be a nice plot twist. Throughout this whole ordeal, everyone was "certain" that Clem's parents were dead. The way Lee has pretty much adopted her came from his own certainty that they're gone. He also never entertains any of Clem's requests to actually search for them. It never crossed our minds that she might actually find them alive.

    This is not a show or a movie, but a video game. There HAS to be a happy ending. The whole point of playing a game is overcoming your obstacles and finding some kind of success. Allowing the gamer to feel that they can control the destiny of their character. This is why I don't think that Lee will die. What would've been the point in investing so much into keeping him alive if he dies anyway? Talk about a slap in the face. But that's just my old fashioned opinion. I could be wrong.

    What I do expect is that Ep. 5 will be the most difficult by far, with many more pivotal and story changing decisions to make. I suspect that it will be much harder to keep both Lee and Clementine alive.

  • Who knows? Maybe we DO get to see her parents. Knowing TWD, the parents will get bitten. Perhaps your final choice is to leave her parents or shoot them.

  • I think it will end with Ashton Kutcher jumping out from a bush, followed by a camera crew. Just wait and see.

  • Lee protecting Clementine is a good storytelling formula and the writers have only begun to build tension in their struggle (of Lee raising her despite the odds). I doubt that the story will end in Lee or Clementine's death unless Episode 5 is intended to be a finality of one (Clementine), or both, of their stories. Instead, the story will focus on how Lee executes several decisions and how they affect Clementine in the future. (More on this in a moment).

    Telltale is unafraid to end characters despite looming resolutions but here's a hint- with the exception of Clementine any character that the writers intend to 'off' will be hurriedly built up and emotionally connected to the player. Doug and Carley both had this happen in episode 1, in episode 2 you are forced to build a relationship with Mark and feel comradery to him despite him being new, you also have the chance to see a softer and more human side of Larry in episode 2, in episode 3 they focus heavily Carly, Duck, Katjaa and finally Lilly, and in episode 4 they spend an awful lot of time on Ben. In each of these cases the time spent on them (assuming you take every available opportunity to speak) is inordinate to other episodes.

    With the exception of 'main characters' (Lilly, Kenny, Clementine) you will always see a large focus on the character just prior to their offing. This is a storytelling tool used to make the story as strong and impactful as it appears to be. They do not do this with main characters since so much time is spent on them.

    If telltale intend to allow the story of the 'Lee' to continue then he will not die.

    I think we will see Lee venture after Clementine and ultimately make a decision about her well-being. This will utilize previous examples of morality that you've taught, or shown, Clementine from theft of resources to the murder of the St. John's boys. I think it will end with an action from Clementine based on the moral lessons you've taught her. Season 2 will deal with the fallout of her decision and the lessons you've instilled.

    I suspect the man on the radio is a pedophile due to him being insidious and not seeming to have an issue with convincing a little girl with a known caretaker to come to him. This is dangerous behavior and likely is sexually motivated but TWD might pull something and decide he's just "CRAZY!" though personally I hate that as a storytelling device.

    Vernon is not likely involved and I highly doubt he kidnaped clementine. I believe she left of her own accord. She either left with someone comfortable (Vernon) or she left by her own accord. I assume the latter because I doubt Vernon would kidnap the girl. I could be wrong but I had the impression that Vernon and company were good people. Their not being in the basement is not suspicious to me because they now have access to better facilities.

    I suspect that Molly has switched out our battery for one that doesn't work. I see no reason for her reluctance to give us the battery only to later decide not to come with our group. Also, she is untrustworthy and suspicious.

  • Maybe the player is left unsure if Lee dies or not and he will reappear in Season 2?

  • Episode 5's ending has to be this, Lee can survive the bite a bit longer and in time to rescue Clementine and get the group to the boat before Lee turns into a walker then Clementine will have to shoot him.

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