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Did anyone else let go of Ben as like a redeeming thing that he was sacrificing himself for the rest of the group? And then immediately regret it when you saw that he could live? I thought he was dead either way so I let him go to let him die a hero. My rule is no rewinding in my first save file but this is the closest I've ever come to it.

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  • Throughout the entire episode I was getting more and more frustrated with him, (abandoning Clem twice, acting like he didn't give a shit when I called him out on it, allowing Kenny ti get drunk, removing the axe from the doors in the school, coming clean at the worst possible time when Walkers were coming...) but when Clem said that he was still her friend during that vote I looked at it from her perspective, innocent and not a bad thought for anybody, so I pulled him up and that was that.

  • ah see, I left Clem at the house. I probably would have done the same thing if I heard that.

  • I honestly liked Ben in Episode 2 for what lil screen time he had, in Ep 3 and 4 I laughed at his mistakes and was pissed, but not angry enough to kill him.

    So yeah I pulled him up :D

    My Asshole Lee has different plans though :D

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