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what might happen to clem in episode 5

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The actor for clem said it was the most intense recording sessions she had clem might get raped and lee will hear it over the talkie and you have the chance to destroy him when you find him

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  • @WowMutt said: where is the interview where Clem's voice actress said that?

    It was on a gameing website the voice said it was the most intense recording session she had im makeing a prediction

  • no ones going to pick let him live prob 1 sicko will say join in

  • I seriously doubt TT would go down that road. I remember when people were talking about rape in ep 4, in Crawford. That never happened and I just don't think TT will include that.

    Of course I'd kill him if it did happen. Slowly

  • i knew 1 sicko would click join in lol

  • @chiefzackery said: i knew 1 sicko would click join in lol

    actually 2 sick bastards clicked it

  • oh god i can picture it now come on lee join in ok and the kid gets raped

  • I don't think that Telltale would come down to this. Clem might be frightened at the idea of being kidnapped, but rape? This can't happen.

  • Yeah, rape is way too extreme, I reckon some shit will go down in the morgue (maybe) and then you find clem with the talkie guy and maybe it turns out to be someone from your past maybe, because I think it is someone trying to get to Lee not clem, and then you kill him or something, but it will depend on if you go alone or you are with the others because if you turn with you near clem in an enclosed space then I bet she will shoot you maybe, but that's if you went alone. I did and now I'm really regretting not showing the others the bite, I am going to live with my decisions because its part of the game and rewinding because you are unhappy with rash decisions is silly, this game is Deffo worth the replay, but I am going to when I have played episode 5 which will be probably next year, although some people are saying November, however if you think how many months TellTale took to release the other episodes I'm doubtful of that. Anyway, I went off topic there, I don't think rape is on the agenda because it would detract from what this game stands for. It would be stupid and I would find it cliche and lame.

  • @ZacTB said: I would be surprised if Telltale go down that route considering the backlash it might have. There was hints to it in the comics from what I have read so far, so it could happen though.

    I would be shocked if they go down that route. I still think he is using Clem to get to Lee for some reason.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    All right, we've seen where THIS thread goes. No thanks!

    This is NOT what might happen to Clementine in episode 5 anyway.

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