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Weight loss thread

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I was debating posting this here for a while, since I've seen weight threads turned into troll posts too many times at other places. But, since I need to lose weight, and I like the idea of having an open thread on a forum even if no one else joins in (although it's always best to be part of a team on personal improvement things), and most of all, because most people on this forum seem like decent human beings, I decided to make one here. Please be nice, and don't troll this thread, but if you agree to be respectful, feel free to join in if you want. :)

I'm making it on a video game forum, both because I visit here the most, and because I'm losing weight with video game systems. Five years ago, I lost a bunch of weight walking and going to the gym, but my fibromyalgia got worse after that, and the medicine I was put on made me put it all back on. Now it seems that Kinect and Wii games are all I can do without getting myself in so much pain that I almost can't move (although I can't do much of them at a time).

I'll be doing mostly Kinect games (achievements are actually a nice incentive for me for this :)), but I'll be doing some Wii fitness games too I'm sure to provide variety.

Early this morning, I bought Kinect Labs: Junk Fu so that I'd have another game for Kinect Playfit besides Double Fine Happy Action Theater. :D I wasn't sure if it would be worth $2.50 since the other games in the Kinect Labs series are barely worth the price of nothing. I'm glad I bought it though, since it's really doing the job of getting me sweating without too much pain (the repetitive motions are a bit tough though, so I can only do one or two plays at a time).

So, anyway... not posting my weight, but I'll post my weight lost. It's my first day doing this. I'll post back tomorrow with any news about whether I lost anything or not.

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