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Things You may know or not know about TWD

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In the Walking Dead there is many secrets within the game, like alternative options which are usually not able to be seen.

Episode 1- A New Day.
[*]At Hersels farm there is an option to save neither Shawn nor Duck, just stand there.
[*]When Larry wants to throw out Duck, the silence option is hidden when you choose whether to let him or stop him, if you let time run out Katjaa shows Larry there is no bite. This again does not affect the decision screen as this part is NOT a main decision.
[*]You can let Doug and Carley die by not acting, but you die as well because you did not act. (You have to choose, in summary)

Episode 2- Starved for Help
[*]When trying to get into the barn, you don't have to take the lock off, you can just walk away then meet Andy in the house. Either way you still find Mark on the floor with his legs hacked off
[*]When disctracting Andy to get out of the barn, you can just turn off the generator and walk away. But this does not work and he just keeps coming back to turn it on.
[*]You don't have to act on 'Helping Kill Larry' or Giving him CPR, Kenny just calls you 'fucking worthless' pushes you against the wall and kills Larry by himself. This does not affect the Decision screen.
[*]You can leave David to die in the bear trap. You may only know this after you see the decision screen at the end of the chapter.
[*]To continue on leaving David, Mark accidently shoots Travis and instead of taking David they take Travis and go back to the Motel to find out the bite does not cause it.
[*]Deciding to shoot Jolene at an early point in speech will bring up the option to shoot her, but if you leave this too long Danny shoots her. My point here is you miss out on a lot of speech options.

Episode 3- Long Road Ahead
[*]You can go to the right of the truck to see if you can get up there, but you can't. I didn't notice this area before when playing The Walking Dead, but my friend found it when he was messing around.
[*]Kenny's lines are slightly changed if you help him kill Larry, with added words like 'Pal, Bud and man'.
[*]Letting time run out when deciding whether to leave Lilly or Not will automatically choose the Leave decision, but Lee will say the lines he will say if normally chose.
[*]If you kept Lilly, she'll ask if you want to come with her. If you say yes, she says go get Clementine and we'll drive out of here. When you walk towards Clementine and begin to talk, Lilly hits the pedal and drives away.
[*]When getting Kenny to stop the train, if you fight him you don't have to mash Q and strangle him, you just keep him against the wall, and say different words like "I've had your back this ENTIRE time, don't make me f**king regret it!"
[*]When getting Kenny to stop the train, if you stay silent or offend him to much he'll shut you out the cabin. When you walk back to the Boxcar, Clementine's hat is on the floor and Ben's body can be found, likely dead. Duck then walks towards Lee and 'wrestles' him out of the boxcar, this is a hidden death scene named by Telltale as 'Duckapocalypse'
[*]Staying silent when Kenny is about to shoot Duck, let him run out and you leave Duck in the woods to become a walker. This slightly alters some text in Episode 4 when finding the Boy in the attic.
[*]Kicking the blowtorch off the bridge could have an impact on Episode 5.
[*]Clementine can die in the train station, showing a death scene. You'll go back to the nearest checkpoint once this happens.
[*]Bonus! 60% Saved Christa and the other 40% saved Omid as of the date 5 Oct. Come on people! Saving a woman but not a person with a broken leg?

Episode 4 - Around Every Corner
[*]The boy in the attic was called Fivel. His dog which carcass' is found was named Walter.
[*]When leaving the attic, Christa kills the boy. Not Lee or Kenny. Either way you still bury the boy.
[*]When heading towards the Riverfront, asking Kenny to stop for Omid will piss him off and he carries on walking while the rest of the group stop for Omid. The bell then rings.
[*]Molly can get left behind if you- Don't Bring Clementine / Don't Teach her to use a gun and bring her AND not shooting the walker off.
[*]C. Oberson, the man who ran Crawford hung him self on the church bell to avoid being eaten alive. Lee shots him when he grabs Ben.
[*]You lose the weapon you chose in Episode 4 whether you beat up Molly or not.
[*]In total, Ben has Indirectly caused the death of five people, Carley/ Doug, Duck, Katjaa, Charles and Brie. If Lee leaves Molly, Ben could of also been partly to be blamed, aswell as you, naughty boy.
[*]Depending if you saved Ben, or had Kennys back on and off, Kenny will not help you find Clementine, or you can plead him to help you. If you hide the bite Christa and Omid won't come but depending on certain choices they can still come if you hide the bite and you can go alone or with Ben. But if you show you bite, different people may come etc. There is 8 different combinations.

Episode 5 - No Time Left (Yet to be released!)

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