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Walking Dead episode two bug - can't proceed

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Hi there Telltale,

I hope you are well.

I am writing to ask when you're likely to address the issue that I - and, from a cursory search of the forum and Internet - and others appear to be having with The Walking Dead on Xbox.

I played episode one, and loved it. Played episode two and loved it also. But at the end of the episode, after the trailer for episode three, it crashed, and refused to show the various stats for the choices I made. When I exited the game and re-loaded, it made me play the same bit again - and crashed when reaching the stats page.

I bought episode three, but I'm unable to play it as the game doesn't recognise my prior progress.

As I have mentioned, I note this is a similar problem to others, but I can't see it's one you have addressed - which seems odd, given it is over two episodes ago. I would be very grateful if you could let me know how to rectify it - or, alternatively, let me know how to get my 400 points back, given I can't play the third episode I have paid for.

To be clear, though; my firm preference is a solution which allows me to continue playing.

Kind regards.


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    MattP Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the problem you are encountering. If you don't mind, I have a few questions.

    Do you have the Title Update? Are you logged into your profile and on xbox live when playing the game?

    If yes to both, try loading your Episode 2 save (which is towards the end, correct?) and then rewind 1 checkpoint. Replay the end of the game and see if the same crash occurs. If it does, copy your save to an unused slot and load your save game. Tab to Episode 3 and choose to start a new game with random choices. During the 'Previously on' scene, keep an eye on the characters and what they say and see if it matches up with your prior choices. It's possible that your choices will import into episode 3, but the fact that the game crashed before finishing is artificially disaplaying the randomize messaging.

  • Hi there - apologies for the delay but I've been away from my Xbox for a while.

    Have tried this, and it hasn't fixed the issue so will start a new game from episode three. It's a real shame for a game that makes so much of "adapting to your choices" that I have to resort to random ones in order to progress.

    Will persevere as I have bought episodes three and four without playing to the end of two.

    My mistake for putting my faith in you guys, I guess; will not be doing so again.

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