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Funny things to try in EP4

posted by Keupajer on - last edited - Viewed by 382 users

Does anyone have some funny things, we should try in ep4?
If so. I for once would like to hear about it:)

I have stompled upon a little thing, I think is funny. If you chose to leave Clementine at the house, you have to shoot a walker to safe Molly, when Ben pulls... well another Ben-stunt, and let the walkers into the place.

First of all. I'm not sure, if you can actually make the shot. I've tried two times, but failed both times (Clem bailed me out the first time). Well the funny thing is, that you do not actually see Molly die, and it looks a lot like she actually makes it:) However Lee still agts like she is certainly death.

Does anyone know if you can actually make the shot? Someone told me, that you can also shoot her by accident (or intentionalle i guess).

So if someone got other interesting things to do. Please tell:)

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