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Wtf telltale?

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*probably spoilers,the walking dead ep3*

Hi the walking dead is such a nice game UNTILL YOU GET TO EPISODE 3 then i bet something like half of the players stopped playing it and unistalled it, as i did
cuz of a teammate dies.
i wonder why doesn't clementine dies aswell at the end? because there are 2 characters that someone becomes attached imo, one is clementine the other one is carley and here comes the spoiler:

at some part of ep 3 she just die like you can't do anything you can try to play the episode again and she's just gonna die WHY? WTF? i want a guy from telltale giving me a understandable answer to THIS. CUZ IMO THERE ARE NOONE, THIS GAME TURNS FROM ONE OF THE BEST GAME OF THE YEAR, TO ONE OF THE BEST WASTE MONEY OF THE YEAR. SERIOUSLY

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  • If think the guy who created this thread doesn´t really know what TWD, or Drama Storys in gernal are all about...

  • @ZombieGoBoom said: Too lazy to use a keyboard and actually type something? :rolleyes:

    You gotta admit, it was damned funny though. :D

  • @K0t0 said: As soon as I read the first sentence of OP, I instantly thought "obviously a carley fanboi"

    and I was right...carley fans have this manchild whiney behanviour about them.

    I take it you havent actually played mass effect. Oh yes how dare the consumers not get what they paid for, how dare the userbase get angry that the developer lied, you're so right, developers are aboe reproach...

    Koto, I did actually play all the Mass Effect games and loved them all. I wasn't offended at the ending of ME3, but do think it could have been explained better. I really do think it is the creators choice pertaining to how he/she wants their games to end so I wasn't one to boycott or demand a different ending. I just took it with a grain of salt.

    Please explain what the developers lied about, I am confused at that statement.

  • @ZombieGoBoom said:
    Also, I'm trying to avoid commenting again on ME3 and not start a debate here but dear Demonseed, the"outrage" towards the endings was completely warranted. BW ripped off the endings to Deus ex Machina for crying out loud. Seriously, after spending so much time and money on these games, the players deserved a solid ending to Shepard's story, not a lazy and rushed one.

    I agree the ending could have been better explained.....

  • @Johro said: I felt the same way when Hudson died in Aliens. I took out the VHS and threw it away. That was bullshit.

    Bill Paxton was great as Hudson.

    Here IS what bugs me though. Apparently if Clementine dies, the game forces you to start from a checkpoint. That is jut poor flexibility on TellTale's part.

  • @IndigoHawk said: Maybe that's true. TWD is pretty formulaic, and not everyone cares about that.

    TWD formula is:
    Introduce characters.
    Make them unable to function as a team.
    Let one of them cause all sorts of drama.

    Kill them.


    And it's a pretty flawed formula. Supposedly the theory is that only the sociopath's are strong enough to survive, so most everyone who is still alive is a sociopath. heh.

    I guess Kirkman was never in the military or he'd realize that his formula is really flawed.

  • C'mon, Carley wasn't even that interesting...

  • @YamiRaziel said: C'mon, Carley wasn't even that interesting...

    Stop posting hate comments, seriously I didn't mind Lilly, but I found her a bit up her own arse and disrespectful to loads of people. Lilly and lee had nothing going for them and no real connection, Carley was a great character, and I'm not here to disrespect your favourite character, so stop disrespecting mine and whoever else likes Carley.

    Lilly was my second favourite character but Carley came first because of her personality. Lilly was alright, but certain aspects of her were just hmmm for me. Her character was authentically developed and her backstory was great, her dad was also another character that I miss (thanks to Kenny, how did you know he was dead and going to turn!?) but Carley is my favourite and I understand how you feel over Lilly, but the comments your posting are stupid and unnecessary, and now I'm probably gonna get you shitting on me but just save it for someone who cares okay? Because I'm a Carley supporter and nothing you say can change that okay? And I'm also not here to rant on about wanting her to come back, because there is no way she will, she was shot and even if she survived that, she would be eaten by a zombie/died of starvation or/and no water and how could she walk to savannah with no transport?

    I'm admitting that she won't come back because if she did, although I would like that, it would cheapen the game and my emotions over her.

    That's all, now go on a bloody Lilly shippers forum or something, your comments that you have been posting are not needed.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    You're overreacting. A lot.

  • @Vainamoinen said: You're overreacting. A lot.

    Sorry, but they have been posting loads of hate comments and I just wanted to voice my opinion on it, I won't do it again in he future :)

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