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More Cross statistics analysis Clem-Ben

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Inspired by the previous thread about doug-ben and the ongoing should you drop ben debate, I am inspired to debunk at least 1 point the people who saved ben make.

How many times I hear, "you can't drop ben he is just a kid" and also hear "i agree with chuck clementine is a person not a kid" is just stupid. A believe both decisions were about 70-30. So how can so many of you think you can't kill ben but can willingly take a child into a place thought to be full of armed bandits who don't take kindly to kids??

Also, how many of you are letting queen clementine warp your mind. How many of you in kenny's vote thought, yeah we are going to get rid of Ben then suddenly abstained because little Clemmy said Ben was a cool guy?

I'm just saying it wouldn't surprise me if the 30 or so percent who didn't take clem are also the 30 or so percent who dropped ben.
Just a thought, what do you guys think?

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  • I agree with some of what Chuck said, but not all of it.

  • I left Clem at home and honestly if I had heard her say that Ben was her friend and they couldn't leave him behind, I might have thought twice about dropping him. But I left her the first time and didn't hear it so in my main save, bye bye Ben.

    Also, I don't understand why people brought Clem, let alone the majority of people! I figured she was WAY safer with Omid who had a slight chance of turning while she was home alone instead of bringing her along where I thought really dangerous, ruthless people were going to be. Plus I gave her the gun and I know she would know what to do with it if she had to use it. And she did. So I stand by that decision 100%.

  • I left Clem at the house with the Gun and I sided with Ben throughout the whole Kenny-screaming-at-Ben scene after he confesses feeling responsible for Kat's and Duck's death, even though I never heard Clem calling him a friend or anything. I probably sided with him because I'm a teenager as well and I kind of feel like I understand him, and I hate how people are always treating him (I already said this on another thread btw :P). I don't think those cross statistics analysis are very accurate because more than one factor influences people's choices :p

    Also, Clem does have some sort of influence on some choices I make (like not looting the car on Episode 2), but I can't let her decide everything for me. But you gotta admit, it's pretty hard going against Clem, I didn't feel very good about leaving her behind, because it feels like you're somehow hurting her feelings D:
    I only started feeling better after I could give her the gun, so I at least knew she'd be safe.

  • I honestly took Clem with us because I thought we might need her because she could get into places adults couldn't fit if we needed her to. I also didn't want here alone at the house with Omid. If one of the others like Christa stayed with Omid I would have probably let her stay behind.

    I don't know what I would have done with Ben if she hadn't came with us. I more than likely would have saved his ass bc I don't want to see anymore people in my original group die and he is a kid/teenager as well.

  • I din't take Clem with me, but i did still save Ben. So, it aint totally right

  • The magical hobo protects clem wherever she is why does it matter.

  • I took Clem to Crawford (not sure if that was the right decision or not, both options don't sit too well with me), gave Clem a vote, personally voted against Ben, and then dropped him. I'm generally as nice as possible to Clem, but if I think she's wrong then, well, she's wrong. Even without factoring in Ben's behavior in Ep. 3 and early Ep. 4, his actions at Crawford alone could've very well destroyed the group and shows that's he too prone to causing disasters to safely have in any group.

  • I left Clem at the house where thought she'd be safer. I did not drop Ben.

  • No where is really safe, but I felt Clem was safest with me & thought she might be needed in one of those "too small for an adult" spots. And as it turned out she did save Mollys bacon.
    Ben was right up there with Larry in the "I gotta get rid of this guy" dept. Not for the same reasons but still, just how many times was Bens dumbassery gonna try and kill me before he finaly succeeded.
    Ben said drop me, so I dropped him. Done.

  • Was nice to Ben ever since I met him, didn't take Clem, voted for Ben to stay, saved Ben. Yeah. He caused five/six to die or get in danger. Yet I was on his side since the Bear Trap.

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