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Who Kill Ben

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Say yes if U killed him And Why
Say no If U Didnt And Why

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  • i didn't kill him, i let him go. i don't understand people who say they saved the guy because he's good inside. wake the hell up, you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! you are responsible for a helpless little girl, as well as an entire group of other survivors. quite clearly Ben cannot be trusted, is irresponsible, and pretty useless overall. do you know what's it called? malicious negligence.

    it was also quite obvious Ben understood all that as well, and basically gave up on himself, asking Lee to let him go. besides, at that point in the game you already know the boat wont take more than 5 people, so a decision like this would be inevitable.

  • I killed him and had my mind set on letting him go if there was ever a point since he caused Carley to die. Then Duck and Katjaa died because of him. Then Chuck died because of him as he was a coward and wouldn't help Clementine. And then he caused Brie to die. Not only that but he wouldn't listen to instructions, I had Lee tell him to watch Clementine and then I see her showing up on the streets. He also screwed the group by stealing supplies, he should have told the group about that deal and let he group decide. He was a liability and I felt like letting him go was for the good of the group. Its not like he brought anything to the group.

  • I dont understand the point of this topic, there are statistics given to you at the end of the episode...sheesh tc...

  • I was gonna pull him up but I was shocked, panicking and I was shaking, so I pressed the wrong button and he fell. I figured that even after all the stupid things he did, I could do with an extra pair of hands. Ben is a troubled teenager who made some crappy decisions and plus he lost his teacher, and his friend of course he is going to be fucked up.

  • @K0t0 said: I dont understand the point of this topic, there are statistics given to you at the end of the episode...sheesh tc...

    The point is to see the reason behind the choice.

  • As much as I dislike Ben, I didn't have it in my heart to let him go especially knowing that Clementine liked him. I'm hoping that he will step up and finally be useful to the group.

  • @Mix-pack said: I did save him because I thought that Lee still had some humanity left :p

    This and the fact he is still a kid. If he did any of his "idiot" moves out of hatred for the group I would have killed him, but he was naive and afraid...just a scared kid. Therefore I didn't hold any of it against him even though I was mad as hell at him, especially for leaving Clem in the street and again at the house.

  • I didn't kill him. Yeah, he is a dumbass, stupid and everything... But he's not evil, he always tried to help and do the right thing, and after all... He's just a boy... I though he didn't deserve to die. And, if we just kill people live this, without considering the importance of human life... What make us better than the walkers?

  • @magzhi said: quite bad logic, if you want to count the numbers then chinese is the most spread language on the earth...

    really ? hmmm might want to show proof of that..

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