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Are you going to buy the Season Pass for Season 2?

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I definitely am.

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  • Maybe. The Walking Dead is like Titanic. The first time, you know everyone is going to die, but you can watch it and see how it unfolds.

    But if someone tried to get me to watch Titanic 2 because it has all new people who are going to die on another giant boat ... come on ... how many times can I care about the same thing?

    So ... maybe the TWD world is deep enough to make another season. I think I'll leave it up to how the season ends and if the trailers for the next season looks like it changes up the formula enough.

  • Lee must survive it there's a season two, and HELL YES I'M PRE-ORDERING IT!

  • @Gudmoore said: It does, I see why people get so angry at those who are purely too lazy to learn and use correct grammar.

    "Does it really matter?" Yes it does when this generation is just a mass of bumbling idiots.

    Keep up the laziness and we'll all be headed straight towards an Idiocracy.

    Ok but English isn't everyone's first language

  • Will buy the season pass once it is discounted like season one's pass got discounted at $15. I will buy the PS3 disc version when it is released too just like i'm doing with the first season.

  • @TheNNerdGamer said:
    I think the reason is because of Microsoft................................................

    Sony(PSN) has the episodes for sale individually and as a season pass. All they did was take however much each episode cost than put it all together and sell it that way. Much better way of selling it IMHO and it lets the player know that once it's out you can download it without having to go through the whole purchase process again.

  • @sbock said: Well, it depends on

    -How good episode 5 will be, especially the ending.
    -How good Telltale's communication will be in the future.

    This will basically be my major deciding factors.

  • @KingOfTheDead said: Ok but English isn't everyone's first language

    that is no excuse.

    Whatever language you speak, read, and write you have to do it perfectly as well as use all the grammar and accent marks correctly.

    Otherwise people will use it as a easy way to criticize your intelligence.

  • Not right away if TTG doesn't already have a lot of content already in post production by the time the first episode is released. More than a months wait between each episode is one con that will outweigh a lot of pros for a game of this nature.

    It's poor form to buy your development time by straining customer patience. If instead they have 3 episodes already completed (released exactly a month apart) they would easily have time for the final two episodes to meet deadlines.

  • @Metallifucked said: If TTG gets one more penny from me, it will come with a fist wrapped around it!

    nicely put

    but this all boils down to choice..

    ironic methinks

  • No, I'll still buy episodic or unlikely, wait until the disc is released.

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