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Why save the bad, the ugly and the down right useless ?

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causes death in every episode he is alive in, doesn't think at all, lies through his teeth before finally wimping out and spilling his guts to kenny, not to mention removing the hatchet.

walkie talkie/oberson/leader of crawford:

kidnaps clem, kicks out: the sick, children under 14 (not breeding stock no life skills), the elderly and rules with a zero tolerance policy (hint of the guvnor).


pure 100% asshole, knocks lee on his back with zombies behind them, only cares about lilly. bad heart condition major threat both alive and dead.

by this i don't mean 'KILL THEM' i mean why 'save them'

people are saying clem? what about duck ? before he died he saw some bad shit as well but no, most people don't care about duck..

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  • People let their emotions get in the way of doing the smart thing. Ben is a liability to the whole group and doesn't really provide any benefits. Maybe not kill him, but just don't save him.

  • Because we should try to save everyone, unless they are a bad person. Your just as bad as crawford if you think that.

  • seems harsh warp...

    i'm ok with having kids as they are our future, elderly are pretty much a resource drag, and assholes can not be trusted to have your back and then finally people like ben are a simply a threat to everyone cos of their stupidity/ lack of common sense.

    a possible bad analogy: pets that are terminally ill are put down once the treatment necessary prolongs their suffering. Ben in this case is one of those 'sick pets' the longer he lives the more trouble he causes. people have said he'll get better and or he'll pull his weight..... i'm still waiting to see results of ben is carley and doug and now brie. Other characters set out to harm/kill... ben merely 'tried to help' and these are the results.

    if anyone remembers reboot the cgi cartoon about bob, dot and enzo fighting off megabyte, there is an episode called enzo the great where enzo changes the clock speed of main frame. the line "we are helping" when they where actually doing the opposite applies here

  • @Warp zx said: Because we should try to save everyone, unless they are a bad person. Your just as bad as crawford if you think that.

    The difference between Crawford and my line of thinking is I'm not getting rid of every drain on resources because it's a drain. I'm not saving Ben because all he is doing is putting Clem's life and the rest of the group's life in danger by being in the group. You can justify saving Ben however you like, but it's not the smart move.

  • if people want to save everyone despite their past indisgresions.

    i wish em the best of luck!

    cos oh boy are you going to need a shit load of it....

  • If that makes me a bad person, so be it. As Lee, now I have one objective and only one objective. Keeping that little girl alive and I'm not going to let some clumsy teen f that up.

  • I don't get this game mixed in with real life because it's... JUST A GAME lol. I didn't like Larry so I let Kenny off him. I didn't like Lilly either and I would've kicked her off the RV but everybody's playthrough did that and I wanted to see what would happen if I let her back on, so I did. Same thing with Ben, I saved him because I wanted to know the outcome. I'm just a curious player.

  • I saved him, but I think he will serve a purpose. He is going to be a sacrifice to help save Clem. That is what all the group is now.

  • I don't have a problem with the ugly and the deadweights since as long as you have the supplies, deadweights at least increase the size and therefore intimidation value of the group to strangers who might be otherwise tempted to attack you. Keeping someone like Ben who regularly screws up and on a grand scale at that...I mean he screwed up 3 times by my count and at least 1 person died per screw-up, strikes me as downright suicidal. I said this before but when the group was getting ready to raid Crawford I was really hoping for the chance to tell Ben to stay behind since I knew he'd do something stupid, and I was not only right but the kid came dangerously close to getting everyone killed. Walkers, St. Johns, radio-dude...they're all small potatoes, Ben's the guy who scared me the most in this series.

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