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Episode 5 predictions/discussion based on TROPHY LIST (merged threads)

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Hey there guys, the trophies for episode 5 are already decided so I figured why not elaborate on them and guess what's going to happen?

To begin with, here is the trophy list (Achievements for Xbox players) : Scroll down and you can see the episode 5 trophies.

And here is a screenshot I took :


Now lets get into the good stuff shall we?


-Chapter 1 Trophy-

Into The Fire



The picture shows Lee with a few zombies behind him. Might have to do something with the horde? Maybe by 'Into the Fire' it means that the horde that is going to Savanna will be going into the fire and all be burned to death? Or maybe Lee will have to go through a house that is on fire to save or get someone/something?


-Chapter 2 Trophy-

Twice Shy



The picture shows someone getting bit by a zombie. Might be the death of someone in the group? I've seen someone predict that it might be Christa getting bit and losing her and the baby. Although that might be unlikely depending if you brang her or not. Or maybe you'll come across her way and you witness her being eaten? Who knows.


-Chapter 3 Trophy-

There Ain't No Way



For this one I think that it might be another death of someone in your group and there is absolute no way to save him/her this time. It might be Ben, since you got the option to save him once, but this time there isn't a way to save him. It might also be there ain't no way of finding Clems parents?


-Chapter 4 Trophy-




I think that you have a option to either kill or let Clem's kidnapper live. Makes sense since this Trophy is called 'Mercy'. I find this to be a highly likely schenerio but that's just me. It shows a hand reaching out. It might be the kidnappers.


-Chapter 5 Trophy-

The Marsh House



In episode 3 Clem talks about this place and this place might be where she is being held captive? If that is the case then my explanation for the Trophy 'Mercy' must be false then. It might be where you find Clems parents? You might find them dead or alive? I think that her parents might be alive and that Clem will be happy with her parents after Lee dies. (Doubt that though, would be too cliche, haha.)


-Chapter 6 Trophy-

What's In The Bag?



This one confuses me, but maybe it might be some medicine to help Lee's bite? Maybe it might be drugs and alcohal and Clementine will become a druggy and a alcoholic. Something tells me this isn't really an important chapter and is just something minor. But who knows!


-Chapter 7 Trophy-

Stay Close to me



I think that this is when Lee is preparing Clementine to shoot her. It's close to Lee's fate and and maybe Lee is looking for a safe place for Clementine before he dies. Maybe he's going to look for Clementines parents for her to stay with them? Maybe Lee is starting to say his good byes to Clem and there is going to be some bonding and emotional moments.


-Chapter 8 [Finale] Trophy-

What Remains



This is the finale and I think that this shows how everything like is after Lee and who else who ever died. This might show how Clem has developed and how she has been influenced by your decisions. I think it's going to be a really sad and depressing ending, considering this is The Walking Dead Game of course!


What do you guys think? What do you think each trophy represents? Discuss it up!

-This is a long post so if you respond just quote the trophy/section that you are talking about.

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