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your "WHAT THE FUUUUUU" moments

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so what were the most devastating moments in the game.
carley/Doug deaths for me really

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  • only wtf moments happened in episode 4 the skinny walker in the attic and lee's bite, as for the other episodes you could tell how most things were going to end (like duck) and you could mentally prepare yourself for that lol.

  • Kenny uses salt lick....
    It's super effective !

  • Carley death and the St Johns being cannibals didn't surprise me cause her death was spoiled to me and IMO it was pretty obvious they were. What shocked me was Katjaa killing herself, deciding Ben's fate and Larry's head getting bashed in.

  • how many more of these 'momment threads are there going to be lol

    larry's death,

    ducks death,

    the starved kid walker,

    the campman/stalker dude,

    clem shooting to save molly,

    clems i'm a zombie now from lee's dream.

    seeing chuck's fate.

    most of what ben did noteables his bad attitude with a drunk kenny and the hatchet.

  • To me as well, Katjaa killing herself while she seemed to have settled about Duck's fate was one of the most WTF moments in this game to me. Really didn't see that one coming. I mean, her insisting on not liking guns in everyone's possession was a minor hint she might use it on herself, but I didn't connect those dots untill after she shot herself..

    Hardest thing I had to do was shoot Duck though.. kid in the attic was tough, but killing a kid who just before asked if he could be my Robin just broke my heart..

  • For me it would have to be Doug's death, Clementines fake zombie thing on the RV, Katjaa suiciding, and Lee getting bitten.

  • No particular order here, but these definately stand out to me.

    Seeing the doors without the hatchet, and going "Wait, didn't we block those?" and Ben about to crack my skull with the very same hatchet a few moments later.

    The way Danny kept eating the meat during dinner while the St. Johns were trying to justify eating humans, with Andy saying "We go after people who were gonna die anyway!" and Danny adding "Like ya'll" immediately after.

    Carley getting shot.

    Clem going through the doggy door on her own.

    Katjaa killing herself.

  • Not being able to customise the controls. WTF?!

  • @SevenExxes said: Not being able to customise the controls. WTF?!

    The whining over controls is what is the real what the fuuuu.

    !!!!! I screamed in all of these moments, my family thought I was crazy :D

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