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Reversion - The Escape

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Hello Guys!

I'm from a small company in Argentina and we love Adventure Games too! :)
We made a small production of a Sci-fi adventure and we would like to share it with you.

The game is completely free for download.


I hope you like it :)

The URL for download:

we have posted the second chapter on the Steam Greenlight project. We will really appreciate your support!!

Thanks a lot!
3f Team.

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  • @flesk said: Yeah, I often adjust up my pledge closer to the end of Kickstarter campaigns, since I then will have a better idea of how much I can afford. It shouldn't really be a problem for IndieGoGo to let you change your pledge upwards, since that would only be a matter of calculating the difference to what you paid for your previous pledge and charging you that.

    According to the FAQ, you have to get in touch with the campaign runner to sort out the difference in pledge/tiers/rewards. It's a hassle I suspect people could quite happily do without. Also, with PayPal, you're basically paying now (and I suspect get a refund if the project isn't successful), so increasing the amount isn't possible. You have to work out the difference between yourself and the campaign runner, then sort out which tier you should be on... ugh. Kickstarter was so much more simple.

    @flesk said: 3 anonymous + Cecilia Muñoz down for the four $10 pledges. I wonder who pledged $25? Could it be that darthmarsden guy with his anonymous pledge? I have to admit I'm a bit confused by the settings on that site. I also don't know how I ended up with a user name I did not want there. I think it just uses your email address with no way of changing it?

    Damn, busted! :p Yeah, I'm pretty sure they use your e-mail address. Doesn't matter to me much, but eh.

    @flesk said: Overall IndieGoGo seems a lot less mature than Kickstarter, but I realize they didn't have much choice in regards to funding platforms. Ulule seems a bit better and more configurable to me, but it probably has its problems as well.

    The thing with Kickstarter is it uses Amazon Payments, which allows you to say "I'm going to pay this amount later, but only if the guy I'm paying it to gives it the OK" on a large scale with hundreds of people. I don't know if PayPal has that ability, or if IndieGoGo is designed to use it if they do.

  • It does seem most of the limitations are down to not being able to use Amazon Payments, since they require the recipient to have a US bank account. There's a blog post on where they mention that they're hoping PayPal’s Adaptive Payments service might make it possible to support non-US projects in the future, but that post is already two and a half years old.

  • Or maybe amazon could expand their payments gateway to accept citizens from other countries :)

  • OK, either I'm being blind of IndieGoGo is really badly designed. If someone sends me a comment, how the hell do I view it (outside of the e-mail telling me I've got a comment in the first place)?

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I blogged about this, but I'm going to hold off on my pledge due to the difficulties in raising your pledge amount on indiegogo. I'd like to pledge more than I have right now, so I'll make my pledge once I can. :)

  • Hello Jennifer!
    Thanks a lot for helping us spreading the word about the campaign :)
    As you have already pointed out, it's has been difficult raising our pledge, but there is still a lot of time ahead, so we are confident that somehow we'll make our goal.

    Thanks a lot again :)

  • Hello!!!!

    The first chapter will be available on the Apple store tomorow :)

    We are also working hard on the second chapter!
    Thanks a lot for your support!! :)

  • Congrats on making it to iOS! I don't have any interest in the platform personally, but it's a good step towards getting more attention to your game. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  • Thanks a lot flesk! :)

    We are working hard on the second chapter!
    I'll keep you updated about it :)


  • Hello!

    We have posted the second chapter of Reversion on the Steam Greenlight project. Anyone with a Steam account who like to help, you could do it by jumping to this link and vote for it. :)

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

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