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EP.5 one or the other ( like doug or carley )

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Who do you think it would be in epiosde 5 just like doug or carley in the drug store. We have not had a one or the other since epiosde 1
( i dont count episode 3 because they both lived )
If Telltale do it for one last time who would it be.
Post who you think it would be down below...
I think it would be a Omid and christa kinda thing like Christa and omid are hanging being held at gunpoint ( Or being lowered into a pit of walkers ) and campman says one or the other - or somthing like that. Then it would be a save Omid or Save Christa whilst they're tied up - Held at gunpoint - or - being lowered into a pit. Omid will be like '' Save christa not me '' and christa will be either - '' Save omid save him '' or she will say '' Im pregnant save me not him ''

Or maybe a like Kenny - molly thing?

Kenny is a mean cruel man. xD goodbye ken.
and no. Telltale probs wont get clem to kill lee off. well maybe if you taught her how to shoot...

Post your thoughts on any one or the other. or stuff like save someone ( like ben )

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