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Clem's Presence and Ben's Fate

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This is just to see the influence of Clem's presence on player's decision making.

Vote please!

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  • I allowed Clem to vote, and I stayed silent after she had wanted Ben to stay in the group. I pulled up Ben, but not because of Clem. In this decision, Clem had no influence on the reason for me to pull Ben up.

  • I let Clem come to Crawford, let her vote and saved Ben.

    I probably would have dropped him if Clem had not had her say. I was pretty upset with him after the hatchet incident. But I think Clem is right, you don't leave friends behind. Until Ben actively tries to hurt someone he gets to stay.

  • I let Clem come to crawford, let her vote and saved Ben.

    But saving Ben was my own choice and even if Clem wasn't here or if I didn't let her vote I would have save him. For me he is not a bad guy, he causes a lot of trouble but he really fells guilty and all was in the intention of helping, I don't think we can really blame him.

  • I think it this is feeding into a larger theory of Clem being a strong moral force but also just with this question that Clem did influence people's choice, if they know it or not.

    My guess is that Ben would have been dropped far more often if Clem wasn't around.

    Of the people that didn't bring Clem, it's basically 4:1.

    Of the people that brought Clem, it's 8:1.

    There's plenty of other things that can explain this but it's interesting.

  • I brought Clem to Crawford (stupid to leave her with Omid if he dies and she has to kill him - although we see she's okay with killing zombies, could she really kill someone she knows? also walkie guy could get her)

    I let her vote on Ben but only because I thought it would be mean to say no because she should get a say in the group.

    Ultimately I did drop Ben though because at that point his life was in my hands and he had let enough people die and put Clem especially in danger enough times for him to have become worthless. On top of that, he begged me. Maybe he didn't think I'd actually do it but eh guess he found out otherwise.

  • I brought Clem to Crawford, let her have a vote and I pulled Ben up. But I would have done so anyway. I cast Lilly out of the group because she decided she had the right to execute someone on the spot. Dropping Ben to his death is virtually the same thing.

    Ben has messed up a number of times, but he does not deserve to die.

  • I'm in the biggest group, yay :)

    Also, RedPanda, I think it has something to do with the fact that a lot more people chose to bring Clem with them, too :d

  • @Viser said: Well, because since the player doesn't know Crawford is overrun with walkers, the threat of a shitload of armed people that don't like kids and trespassers seemed bigger to me than the threat of Omid possibly turning (which I didn't even consider because to me he was fine, his leg was just a bit fucked up). Even if he turned, the house is pretty big, she'd have plenty of places to hide. Since I imagined she could lock the door or something, the threat of creepy dude wasn't also that big to me. And later on you get the option to give her a gun =P

    yeah the house seemed safer than a stealth raid on a hostile compound, i did consider Omid turning thats why i gave her the gun, but the way it played out i thought i would have the chance to ask someone else to stay with her before we left (i would have picked ben :) ) but it turns out the house for some reason let zombies in and Clementine killed them so i was shocked and impressed by that

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