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Ending a zombie-infested world

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Which option do you think is effective in elimating every single zombie on Earth?

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  • Time. Let the years pass and walkers will be gone. You can't kill all of 'em. You could clear some areas to be safe, but that's it. Anyways, if everyone is infected, when time passes and walkers are long gone, people will naturally die and turn again, so it looks like a neverending apocalypse.

  • I wonder what happened to Astronauts and such who were in space at the time the apocalypse begun? Are they infected?

    Regardless, i don't think anything will work. If the rest of the world is in ruins i don't think anyone would be there to launch nuclear devices, and waiting them out, while it might be possible, has it's own problems(starvation, dissent and/or rebellion amongst a group, quarrels against other survivors, etc.).

    It seems the most feasible option is to hope for a cure and if that doesn't happen, well...the walkers will win.

  • Fire-bombing, total war, capture and cremation, and malnutrition from hiding underground for a long period of time.

  • @Mornai said: I wonder what happened to Astronauts and such who were in space at the time the apocalypse begun? Are they infected?

    The Walking Dead 2: ZOMBIES IN SPACE :eek:

  • Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  • @BlankCanvasDJ said: Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    F'ing a!

  • A cure or the removal of the human race. Since everyone is infected. Each time a human dies, they turn. Starvation may eventually wipe out a majority of the ones that turned initially. But we have no idea how long that process might take in the TWD world. Again, it's probably something that even Kirkman doesn't know.

    In the books there were very vague hints about a Zombie's potential to get smarter, or to hold on to a glimmer of the past. It was mentioned a couple of times actually. How one Zombie turned her head away when the gun was pointed at her head. Like she knew what was about to happen. etc.

    From this information it seems like there may be a possibility of an "evolved" form of "super zombie" at some point. perhaps smarter, maybe even faster.

    We know that Viruses and even Bacteria have the ability to evolve and mutate (antibody resistant strains).

  • Well. How to end it. The Zombies won't be gone any time soon. Even if you got a not exsisting task force together to kill all the zombies, you would definatly miss some of them.

    First of all you need to do like resident evil 2 in Raccon City, where they build a solid wall around the whole city. You just need to put the people inside the walls and not outside of them.

    Second you need to take care of the basics in this area- the goal should be to ensure that people won't have to live the area for any reason. You should have a task force to do the "outside of the wall tasks". They ofcause need the prober tools to operate relativly safe outside.

    Third you have to solve the main problem of everyone beeing infected. Short termed you need to have everyone know, what you do to a dead person (even the kids). It would not hurt to have safe zones or more areas a few miles apart, so that no single act could kill everyone. You ofcause need some safe way to travel between these areas (underground maybe).

    Last but not least you need to get some scientists to work on a cure, so the zombies would be extinct long termed.

    I think that is how to end the apocalypse:)

  • @Zeruis said: . Glad I stopped at 100.

    how could you stop reading the series at 100?

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