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Episode Downloading Issue

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The Situation

I have downloaded the game 3 separate times. The first time was pre-patch, the second time was post patch (without erasing my saves), and the third was post patch (after erasing my saves).

First Install
The first time time I played through and finished Episode 1 and 2, however I was unable to download episodes 3 or 4. (I have purchased Episodes 1-4). The download numbers would sometimes make it up into the 40 or 60% completion, but it would ultimately lose connection.

Second Install
Then I heard there was a patch released by Telltale. So I unistalled my game and reinstalled it with the patch. I kept my save points intact. It told me I had to "get" episode 2 again, which was confusing because when I went to click "Play" the game directed me to Episode 3 not Episode 2 (proving that my saves exsisted and were recongized). Eventually I was able to "get" Episode 2, however I was unable to "get" episodes 3 or 4. The downloader would start at 0.00% and jump to 10%, then stay on 10% for a number of minutes before the connection failed.

Third Install
I decided to uninstall the game again, this time however, I would not keep my save points; so that it would be an entirely new version of the game. I started it up and I think the resolution of the game has changed (seems more widescreen). Additionally, the menu screens seem to load faster. Episode 1 comes installed on the download. The game recognizes that i have purchased the first 4 epiosodes, however I am unable to install them. The download% counter never gets past 0%.

If anyone is able to provide any assistance with this problem that would be much appreciated.

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