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Next Generation: Character Control

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How exciting would it be to actually control any character you feel necessary?

Yes...I know the programming would almost seem infinite. But, wow!.. would't it be nice to control Kenny or even Clem?

Also, just for giggles and grins, lets have a 'solo mode' where any character might be able to break away from a group and establish contact with other groups more suitable to the players alter-ego.

TWD is a very nice break from MMO's, and we really don't need that flavor here. I just wanted to dream a little on waking up into my own circumstances with the old school MUD choices:

You find yourself in a dark basement. Someone bolted the door from the outside. You are thirsty and need food too. There are strange noises coming from beyond a small window behind you.

*Go left down the alley and search the grocery store.
*Find out where the strange noise is coming from.
*Hide in the basement

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