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  • Im coming from a place where promises made and oaths & vows taken mean something. . One of the reasons I will no longer hump a rifle for this nation is because of the knd of pseudo morality thats being preached by PC armchair quarterbacks who would force our milittary women to wear a hijab if they would venture out in public without a male escort or condem a soldier for pissing on their vanquished foes, the likes of who would shoot a li'l girl in the face for standing up for her right to an education.

  • And to be honest, ( Im guilty as well) its all moot as we're arguing the morality of actions in a scripted event designed to move the story line along a predetermined direction. It would be just as easy to condem Hershel for not running towards the action with thee pitchfork that was in his hands instead of going for the shotgun, if he cared somuch for his sons safety and wellwell being.

  • If you mean Johnny or whatever the hell that guy's name was who Kenny head-shotted, then yes. But if you mean Walt, then no I'm pretty sure Carver gets the blame for that.

  • This is what I don't get, why must the people who like Kenny make a case on why they like him? It makes no sense. It their preference that they like Kenny, why most they defend that. It's like me hating Luke. Once I say that, a flood of people who think he's the best character the game has to offer, want me defend my reasons on disliking him. The reasons why people like Kenny don't need defending. Because it's those people preference, that's it. No defending is needed.

    P.S. I HATE LUKE!! :)

  • @MosesARose Preferences don't just emerge in a vacuum. Rational people have reasons for why they like the things they like or dislike the things they dislike. That's why they're called "rational."

  • Kenny shoots the guy, so Carver shoots Walt.

    If Kenny doesn't shoot the guy, Carver doesn't shoot Walt.

    It's pretty simple. What exactly did Kenny think would happen when he shot just 1 of 3? It was a really stupid thing to do, especially when I was telling him not to. Once again, Kenny the Dickhead fucks things up and people die because of it.

  • Hey,it's your choices that make him look like a bastard.My Kenny was always by my side,and helped me save Clem.And he dropped Lee because he wasn't fully healed,FYI,the man was SHOT.

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