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Will Ben Screw Up Again In Episode 5?

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Everyone came with me (Including Ben) and I was wondering, would Ben screw you over like how he did from...the beginning of time, (I like Ben but his derpyness is off the charts) or would he somehow magically with the help of invisible mind pixies actually help you? (This is only for those who brought Ben with them at the end of Episode 4)

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  • Is it that serious its do you think ben will screw up not a debate man

  • Will Ben screw up in Ep 5? Oh boy I hope not. Or THAT'S.HIS.ASS!!

  • I think he will do his best to help. He wants to make it up to Clementine and to Kenny. I believe in the boy.

  • I almost want ben to screw up again so it's not some hollywood redemption cliche like every other story. Also to make everyone who saved him go "wtf ben."

  • Ben will surely die in Ep5.

  • My guess? Telltale will mess with the Team Kenny players big-time.
    If you saved Ben, who Kenny wanted you to leave to die, he will sacrifice himself in some situation you come across, saving Kenny in the process. Ben will die and Kenny will live.
    If you left Ben to die, like Kenny wanted, nobody will save Kenny from that situation, and he will die.

  • Mmm.. i think not at all.. i think he's going to make SOMETHING right and sacrifice himself to save Clem.. i think

  • @KingOfTheDead said: Is it that serious its do you think ben will screw up not a debate man

    not sure what your getting at ?

    i say he will and then give facts

    someone else decides to shit all over them cos they disagree in that ben is a human being and should be saved despite the OBVIOUS repercussions.

  • Ben didn't deserved to be saved he didn't want to be. I saved it beacuse i thought it was the right thing.

  • Ben's a scared guy. Like he said in Episode 3, if he's surrounded at one point, he'll just punch his own ticket. Take himself out. And he was about to at the end of Episode 4. So you had to decide, were you going to give him another chance at life, or just agree that he's a worthless pile of shit?

    If you saved him, I imagine he'll somehow distract either the Campman, or a horde of walkers to save everyone, Lee, or Kenny. If he does it by accident or not, I can't be sure. If he'll die or not, I don't know...

    If you left him there, I think the route will be a little to completely different, and someone might get injured/bit/killed if he isn't there. But that's just me. Remember, any quote in the game can come into play later on.

    "People will often go mad when they believe their life is over." Said by the police officer in Episode 1. The quote shined throughout Episode 2.

    "It's the livin' you gotta be afraid of." That was said by Jolene at the end of Episode 2. In episode 3, Bandits attacked, people killed, and people sacrificed themselves.

    "If I'm ever surrounded, I'll, punch my own ticket. You know, take myself out." And this was said by Ben, who was eventually surrounded in the middle of all this chaos, hanging over a gaping staircase. His fate was chosen by Lee Everett, who had to think about the things the kid had done, and what he could or would do in the future.

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