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Season 2 and Clem

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Please try not to make this thread spoilery, I thought about putting it in the spoiler thread but I thought it'll mostly be speculation anyway (and none of us have played Ep. 5).

I've seen a lot of people suggesting that Season 2 will focus on an older Clem (teens, twenties, whatever), and that she'll be shaped by your decisions as Lee. Well, it hit me today that, canon-wise, this isn't really possible.

TWD comics never get that far into the future after the ZA, so Kirkman's universe doesn't have any basis for what the future would look like. It's all still up in the air... will humans rebuild? Will zombies die out? Total apocalypse scenario? There's nothing to go on. If the game is going to remain canon with the comics, it can't go very far into the future, for now, because it would restrict whatever Kirkman writes after the fact.

So, logically, Season 2 will either be:
- Set directly after Season 1, with Clem et al
- With a new group of people, either directly after the events of Season 1 or at the onset of the ZA, just like the comics and Season 1.

But definitely not with an older Clem, unless it breaks canon... and who wants that?

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