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Lilly: dead or alive,woodbury or episode 5

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  • Since she said, "I'll die out here" when I left her she's probably dead. She's tough, but she has 3 months of experience surviving this ZA with a group, so if she doesn't think her chances are good without a group, then I'm not going to disagree with her.

  • Forget about Lilly, she won't come back anymore.

  • Actually Lilly might very well be back for Season 2. Same with Molly.

  • @Snake Liquid said: Well since the Lilly in the game is now a different character than the Lilly in the comic (ironically with the same first and last name) my canon Lilly is dead. I left her on the side of the road with walkers around, late at night. She ran off into the woods. She didn't survive that night.

    This. And I'm ok with it.

  • I honestly don't know. Just like that. I'm not even sure if this Lilly is the same Comics Lilly or a new Game Lilly that just happens to share the same name as the Lilly mentioned earlier, at this point. I really like the game Lilly, but i am completely fine with the other Lilly too. I would be surprised if the Game Lilly appeared in Episode five, but I don't think it's likely.

    And yes, I like saying Lilly.

  • I'd just like to add

    Screw "Road To Woodbury"

    It's the weaker story, choose your canon.

  • I'm voting alive, even if she's not comic Lilly.

  • well she on her way to woodbury RK says that their the same person, plus its kind of weird to have two people named Lily Caul that look exactly the same.

  • She wanders about until eventually coming across the town of Woodbury. I don't care for the book, in my mind it's a "what if" scenario and is not canon.

    Otherwise, i think she'd still be alive. She has military experience, has been in the apocalypse for over 3 months and so knows how to deal with walkers. Plus, she saw them coming, so no element of surprise attacks.

    She certainly wouldn't go out Beatrice style. Just as well, i think her saying "I'll die out here" was simply a last ditch effort to convince the group to let her stay. her last name in the credits? Otherwise i don't see how people would know it, it's not mentioned in game anywhere, just assumed.

  • I dunno. I kicked her out of the RV and when we drove off she was running around all scared. So I have no idea if she survived. I don't think she did.

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