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The Walking Dead Joke Thread :D

posted by Stevean2115 on - last edited - Viewed by 326 users

( Hey guys! stevean2 here, just created a second account cause i just got banned for "spamming" even though i never did spam P.S They didn't include evidence. Love how the mods only pay attention to the minor jobs and not the big ones, I.E the thread that was spammed about some football match. Anyway I'm back now, hopefully i wont get banned for no reason again.)

ANYWAY! Due to the intense, Unnerving Impatient feeling we're allfeeling for The Walking Dead, I thought i'd make this so we can all blow of steam. For example

The World will end 20 times by the time Episode 5 is released.

LIKE THAT! Blow off steam guys, We need it ;D

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