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The Walking Dead Alternative Ending ideas

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Now I know.. I heard it from all of you "Episode 5 will have a set ending"
But what IF it had alternative endings? Post your ideas here! I have a few.

The Dues Ex Ending

Lee is about to step on a boat, when Vernon walks up and injects him with a syringe, he then goes on too tell him that was a cure, Lee simply smiles and gives up his spot on the boat for Vernon, Vernon steps on and Lee watches as Clem jumps off, joining him by his side, Kenny in a impatient rage takes off, the screen disovles to black, with a "TO BE CONTINUED" sign.

The "Random" ending

(Got this idea inspired to me from someone here on the forum)
If you were a asshole to Queen Clem, she'll get pissed at you as you stand on safety on a roof, she'll take her hat off and reveal she has snakes in her head, the camera swiches to Lee who simply gasps, the Credits roll
Now to get this, You'd have to do random stuff, liek compete the game once and get a certain item in your second playthrough (Silent Hill Style) :D

UFO ending (Inspired by Silent Hill)

Lee is left behind in his state, Clem sad to see him go watches as the Boat gets futhur and futhur, Lee sits down to accept his fate, All of a sudden, there is a blinding light, Lee sheilds his eyes and looks up.
"God?" he asks, as he's lifted upwards, it then swiches to comic book style with voices asking him thinks, mentioning "cure" Lee is then cured of his infection, therefore he is now forced to be the Alien's slave.
To get this ending, you'd have to complete the game once, grab the radio first to clearly show the bite, be nice to Clemmy, let Ben die, Side with Kenny all the time and Be selfless on the boat part.

Any of you got any ideas? :D Please share!

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