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What things do you HAVE to do to get Kenny's bro speech?

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In my second playtrhough of the game, I got the Bro Speech from Kenny at the end of episode 4. I still want that same speech in my third playthrough, but I chose to save Shawn at the farm and not steal from the car in Episode 2. Does that mean I won't get the bro speech?

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  • @K0t0 said: Soz i didnt mean to get catty I....I just miss redpanda...

    Me too :( where are u panda? :P

  • Side with him many times. You don't need to side with him always, But you do need to in important times.

  • Basically, be Kenny's beeatch.

    Do that and he'll back you... until you mess up.

  • lol I got Kenny's bro speech in my (almost) asshole Lee save. I couldn't be a complete asshole, it was harder than I thought :(

    I didn't save Duck or Shawn...I just stood there :p
    I told Kenny to kick Larry's ass
    I didn't give anyone an energy bar (I don't know if that's important)
    I gave Duck and Kenny food
    I helped kill Larry
    I took food from the car
    I sided with Kenny on getting out of the motor inn
    I left Lilly on the side of the road
    I beat some sense into Kenny
    I killed Duck
    I told Christa that we had to keep moving
    I killed the boy in the attic
    I voted to leave Ben behind
    I dropped Ben

    I think those are all the choices that matter because they have something to do with Kenny in some way. Honestly I think a large part of getting the bro speech from Kenny is whether you kill Larry and/or Ben.

  • Side with him on important stuff like killing Larry and saving Duck. Dont fight him on the train. Honestly i found it really easy because we agree on basically eveything, but i did save Ben so no you dont have to be his beetch. :P

  • Kenny's with you for 7 episodes(counting what we know he'll be in of season 2 so far), Lilly's with you for 3, and they both do very morally wrong things, so I'd prefer the one that sticks around with me longer.
  • Picking Shawn or Duck and stealing from the car are both very important choices in your relationship with Kenny. I think you can get away with one but not both (specially if one of those choices involves Duck).
  • @Frostbite_Snipes

    I'm not sure him coincidentally running into clem in episode 2 counts as 'sticking around with you'. It's just luck, it could easily have been Lilly too.

    The amount of screentime Telltale gives characters is no reason to like them specifically because of that.
  • In my Asshole Lee playthrough, I didn't save Duck (I actually let the timer run out), told Kenny to kick Larry's ass, helped him saltlick Larry, beat him up on the train, and dropped Ben. I got the bro speech where Kenny says that Lee and Clem are the only family he has left.

    Did anyone else notice that there were two variations of the bro speech? In my original playthrough, where I was still BFFs with Kenny, he says basically the same thing except leaves out the part where Lee and Clem are his family. I wonder what causes this variation?
  • @skeletori Whether or not you show your bite.
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