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Can Lee be dreaming from episode four?

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  • Lee is actually dreaming the entire thing. imagine as you complete episode 5, you wake up in the back of the police car, headed for the electric chair i believe it was.

  • @Dildor said: No. Now learn how this forum works and stop posting spoilers in this section.

    BItch please, I am not spoiling, that was episode 4 your too late

  • @RMJ1984 said: electric chair i believe it was.

    Carley explained that it was life in prison. Lee committed a "heat of the passion" crime.

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    Keep it civil, please, no need to call people names.
    Moving this thread to more appropriate forum.

  • well i hope not that would ruin the game and alot of players will be pretty pissed off and i hope it those not turn out to be another mass effect 3 contraversy

  • Saw a theory on the wiki that Lee might have longer than needed and might actually survive.
    Kirman said himself it was the infection or blood loss that kills you, and Lee might have more time to amputate seeing as the bite isnt that major (Looks more like three scratches across the skin than a actual bite) So he might amputate and survive.

  • What the heck? That would be the lamest ending in the history of video games.

  • The "it was all a dream" ending has become really overused and lame. I don't see this happening in TWD, I mean, not again in the little storyline left until the season finale. We already saw it in the comics, and the game (I haven't been into the tv series, so i can't tell if it has happened there, too {I doubt it, from what I heard, tho}), it would get even more overused if it happened.

  • The "it was just a dream/none of this happened" scenario is generally VERY unpopular with a lot of audiences unless used in reasonably short-term. Especially if an extremely climatic but non-existant event is applied for the purpose of building hype for a sequel. In the case of TWD, these episodes have great enough gaps in release to consider every installment just as if it was a sequel.

    I wouldn't put it 100% past the writers to attempt to pull it off, but I don't see it happening. It's one of the first no-nos any writer is told about.

    On a personal note, I want to rub Lees death in the face of everyone who shut me down with "Lee can't die; season 2 has been announced" previous to Ep4s release. A second season doesn't have to confirm anything. Neither do forward compatible saves.

  • @cormoran said: That'd be a horrible deus ex machina ending. :eek:

    hear!! hear!!!

    a lack of creativity.

    its kinda a lame way to erase everything that just happened and go back to a "happy place."

    huh, maybe I should say "Just a dream!" next time one of my jokes offends someone.

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