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Chuck- the magical hobo thread

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rest in peace chuck.
he's magical because he stated in episode 3 that Lee (he didn't directly say it) was going to die, that was only to convince him to teach clem something.
I know magical hobo is stupid, but this is just theory and puerile things.

I don't think he should have died that quickly, although he died saving clem (or at least the last thing he did before "offing" himself)

you guys think he was better off dieing or not?,should he had lived longer or not?

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  • I was happy with Chuck's role and ending in the game because, as short as it was, it was extremely pivotal towards the course of the story. Because of him, Lee taught Clem how to protect herself, made her much safer, and gave her some knowledge of Savannah. We've seen glimpses of what that advice has led to, but the final episode will probably really capitalize on Chuck's advice to Lee and how Clem might be a little bit more to handle than this radio guy previously thought.

    His death was to show just how meaningless death has become in this destroyed world, which is a staple in WD, and the idea that not everyone can go out with a bang. As meaningless of his death seemed, it still drove home an important theme that I was happy Telltale choose to go with. His role was an essential one though to keep Clem safe so, in a way, he will still have an influence in the final episode and did get one great fight sequence before leaving the spotlight alive.

  • I, personally, see his death as heroic. He helped pave a way through the horde when the walkers attacked (with only a shovel I might add) but he even willingly went back into the fray once he sw Clem was in danger. He also chose to be left behind so that the group wouldn't risk itself to save him, and tried to escape through the sewers after everyone else got away. While he certainly didn;t deserve to go out like that, getting cornered and taking his own life, it also serves to show that bad things happen to good people in Kirkman's world and that the apocalypse isn't fair.

    I'm also happy about the advice he gave Lee. We got info about Savannah, Clem's hair is safe now, and she can handle a gun. That advice was invaluable. With it she'll stand a fighting chance against the radio guy and any walkers that come her way in Episode 5.

  • Didn't we already have a Chuck appreciation thread?

  • @Viner16 said: Didn't we already have a Chuck appreciation thread?

    Yeah there's like 5

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