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How I want Episode 5 to go. [MAJOR SPOILERS]

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Hey everyone, this is my first post on here and I thought I would start with how I think Episode 5 to be (though probably it won't.) I've tried to make
your decisions you've made throughout the previous 4 episodes have an impact on what happens.

Omid will be devoured by zombies which have managed to get through to Vernon's hideout and Christa will be bitten trying to save him leaving the others to escape the place and get to the upper levels of the hospital where after a lengthy encounter with zombies where they will meet Molly IF you saved her.

They return to the house where they find it swarming with walkers meaning anyone who was left behind will die. This is also the breaking point for Kenny (if brought along, otherwise he dies on the spot) , he will sacrifice himself for Lee and the others IF you played Team Lilly or neutral, however if you played Team Kenny he will accept the fact it is overrun and will escape with you.

How it works: Having a Team Lilly character will make Kenny go into a state of
insanity as he has no boat, no family, no friends (as Team Lilly Lee sided against Kenny, making him think he hates him), though with a Team Kenny character he knows that even with the boat gone, he has Clementine and when Lee does die he knows that what his friend's final wish was for Clementine to be safe.

With nowhere else to go, Lee and the remaining crew will raid the Marsh House where Campman, Clementine and Diana are holed up in. On your way there you will encounter a zombified Vernon feasting on the corpses of his group, after a panic event you put him down for good. This is also where Lee begins suffering from side-effects of the zombie bite.

When the group (or just Lee) make it to the Marsh House an epic final showdown will occur between Lee and Campman who uses Diana as a meat shield to stop you from killing him, but after a lengthy battle you rip his dick off and throw him out of a window.

Here will also be where you encounter a zombified Ed who is chained up in one of the rooms IF you were an asshole to Clem, however if you played a Pro-Clem playthrough, he will be alive with Diana but Ben will be killed by Campman protecting Ed from a fatal gunshot wound if he does live, this is if you treat
Ben with respect and defend him (the Crawford vote being the main factor) however if you treated him like trash, he will let Ed die.

The rest of the episode is Lee taking Diana, Clementine, and Ben/Ed (determinant) to safety as his condition deteriorates with assistance from Molly and Ken (determinant). When they reach the boat Lee has a tearful moment with Clem and tells everyone to take care before using explosives in the bag which was provided by Campman prior to his death to blow up Savannah. The final shot is of Lee's corpse in the river flowing away from what WAS Savannah as the sun begins to rise.

That's my take on episode 5 though it seems pretty far-fetched and bad.

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