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Character Name Meanings

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Game Characters

Lee: "Clearing". (Zombies?)

Clementine: "Merciful, gentle".

Kenny: "Born in fire".

Katjaa: "Pure".

Lilly: "Purity".

Larry: Laurence. A Saint from Rome.


Carley: "Army, warrior".

Doug: "Dark river".

Ben: "Son of the south/ the right hand/ my sorrow".

Andrew: "angry".

Danny: "God is my judge".

Charles: "Army, warrior".

Christa: "A Christian".

Omid: "hope".

Molly: "rebelliousness".

Vernon: ...........tree.

*side note: Carley is the feminine form of Carl, which is the German form of Charles. That's three Walking Dead characters that mean "Army" and "Warrior".

TV Characters

Rick: "Brave power".

Lori: "Laurel". (The laurel was tree. It's leaves were used to make Roman victor garlands)

Carl: (See "Carley" and "Charles".)

Shane: Derived from Sean (My name). Sean is derived from John, which means "to become".

Andrea: (See "Andrew")

Dale: A name for someone who lives near a dale or valley.

Daryl: Someone who came to America from the city Airelle in France.

Merle: "blackbird".

Theodore (T-Dog): "Gift of God".

Carol: "song" or "hymn".

Hershel: "deer". (Otis shoots deer and Carl, we meet Hershel?)

Maggie: "pearl".

Beth: "my God is an Oath". (She's one of the few characters that believe in a god).

Michonne: (No meaning).

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