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What things did you enjoy that you didn't think that you would?

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Are there things that you enjoyed that you didn't think that you did?

For me there are a few games that I played because I heard good things about, but that had themes that usually wouldn't interest me.

The first of these was Full Throttle. It was about biker gangs and had a heavy metal soundtrack, two things that I don't really care about (although the latter not as much, since I do like a few songs in the genre). But, the story is what got me. It ended up not really being about a biker gang at all (sort of, Ben was still concerned about his gang, and Mo was concerned about his), but a story about tradition vs innovation, and ultimately about betrayal, greed, and for Ben, redemption. It's what really made me a fan of Tim Schafer's writing, Grim Fandango just cemented it. :)

Grand Theft Auto III was another. I heard good things about it, but really didn't expect to like it. I don't really like Mafia stories too much, but I did like some (Goodfellas, The Godfather, on the fence about Scarface). I knew it was going to be over-the-top like Scarface (which I'm not sure how I feel about), but I gave it a shot anyway. It definitely was, but somehow controlling the character made me more endeared to his plight than when I was a third party just watching the action when watching a movie. Strangely enough (especially since the player character is mute, or maybe because he is), this is actually the first time I got that feeling when playing a game, feeling like I was actually in the character's shoes rather than just experiencing a story.

The latest is definitely The Walking Dead. I'm not much for zombie stories, but I put this on my try list at first because it was by Telltale, and then later because of all the good things that was said about the comics (and to a lesser extent, the TV show) in the early days of the Telltale Walking Dead forum. I proceeded to watch two episodes of the TV show, kind of liked it, but not enough to want me to continue. That did get me to realize that the story is about the human characters, and not the zombies. That raised my expectations somewhat (although I expected it to be like the show, where I was mildly interested, but not enough to be really immersed in it). I'll admit I really wasn't sure what to think of the pre-release press saying that the main character was a convicted murderer and that he took a little girl into his care. All of my doubts were for nothing by the second episode though, since I actually cared about the characters in a way I hadn't in the TV show. It might be a case of experience vs. watching, like Grand Theft Auto, or the exceptional writing, or probably a combination of the two. I didn't expect that I'd actually be excited and eagerly anticipating the next episode to come out when I first started playing.

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