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Lee's decisions finally catching up to Clementine in the final episode

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At the end of episode four, we finally saw what our decisions ultimately led up to in terms of who will join us for the final showdown with what or whoever. The effects of Lee's decisions have yet to be shown however on Clementine, but I think there will be several scenarios where it is finally shown in the last chapter.

1: Clementine will somehow get the upper hand on the villain since she knows how to handle herself now, whether it is the walkie guy or someone else, and will ultimately choose to spare or kill him after he has done some horrendious things. I think this decision will be impacted on whether or not Lee choose to kill the St. John brothers or spare them. If she spares this man, it might lead to worse circumstances that Lee must prevent himself.

2: Clementine will ultimately be given a choice whether or not to mercy kill Lee or find another way to help him, in which case Lee will have to do it himself since he will know and accept that there is no way to save him. This decision I think will be based off who you sacrificed for the greater good or put them out of their misery (Larry, Duck, and Ben).

3: This last one might be a real long shot, but I think at least one of Clementine's parents will be alive and will be reunited with their daughter. I think this is when Clem will tell them just what type of man has been taking care of her. Here all the times where you were truthful to Clem or lied to her will be told to the parents and that Lee has killed before (if you told her it was okay to tell her parents). Regardless, Clem will love you as a third parent, but her real mom and dad might have quite a different opinion based off what Clem tells them.

Those are my thoughts and I think it might interesting because decisions that seemed to be a bad influence on Clem such as killing Larry and the St. Johns might actually pay off in a positive way when Clem is thrown into such situations. Anyone else thought about how Lee's actions will influence Clem in the last episode?

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